The Kid Protector! (Custom)

Here is my custom Baby Protector!

"Listen again what the prophecies say, my son..."

Happy Building everyone!


Give him the water protector mask and... Tadaaaa Takua! smiley


His on-screen design gives him armor, dangit.

I think the smarter route would be to use just standard bones and only one bone per limb

Size 4 for legs, and then size 3 or 4 for the arms.

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his eyes look kinda derpy smile


no back armor,

like father like son.


I would probably have tried to cut off the little transparent bit on the back of the mask

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What madness is this!

But, yah, that could work.

In fact the mini protector only has a two spiked mask so it could work, when the sets come out here I might try customizing the mask a little

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I really like how it turned out. But when will people realize that the kid you see is not the Protector of Fire's son... It's just a normal villager telling the story.

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