The King of the Bugs MOC

“The King of the Bugs” is inspired by the Bug/Arachnid aliens from the movie, “Starship troopers.” In this scenario, the King of these bug aliens has invaded Earth and the military troopers like the ones in the movie have to fight it off. The Bug King is grabbing citizens with its huge tongue in hopes of getting a meal.

When building this I thought of how The Lord of Skull Spiders can use the mask of skull spiders as a crown, so I added a detachable piece and changed parts of the design so I could incorporate a crown. The crown is actually Jetbug’s head from Hero Factory.

^ This is how it’s attached when the crown is on. ^

^ And this is how it’s attached when the crown is off. ^
I used a 2014 Constraction Double Ball Cup connected to two ball sockets as eyes. And a Constraction Square Body Shell as the lower jaw.


The ‘bugs’ in Starship Troopers were controlled by this…It is called Brainbug…can’t seem to see the similarities here.


I see Jetbug has evolved…


There’s a lot to improve on in this, namely the color scheme and build armor.[quote=“MakutaTexxidos, post:2, topic:24689”]
It is called Brainbug



Rise, my monster!

This be cool. I almost never see the Jetbug face(?) be used.


The exposed technic could be improved on, as well as the flow of the colours, but other than that, this looks pretty good.

Well this was inspired by the movie, it wasn’t necessarily supposed to look really similar to some of the aliens. The concept itself was based on the movie.

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Kill it with fire.

I think the color scheme is a bit odd with the yellow JB head thrown in with the other blue and silver, but other than than, it looks pretty great!

We are going to need a bigger boot.