The Kirby Topic (Nintendo)

This topic is for discussing everything Kirby.

My favourite videogames in the series are the Dark Matter Trilogy (Dreamland 2, Dreamland 3, and Crystal Shards) and Superstar.

Never cared much for the tv show: 'Right back at ya'.


I never liked Nintendo shows.
I love kirby, but some of his more recent games just revolve around crafting materials now.


Hail to the king


I probably played Kirby Super Star more than any other game growing up.

Wooooooooot stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Go Kirby!

More where that came from

Dark kirby has always been bretty good kirby anyway.

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The cutest cosmic horror story ever told.

Seriously, it's ridiculous how creepy these games can get.


There was once a time when Kirby Super Star Ultra was my favorite game.

And then it took my years before I could beat The Arena.


I still can't beat the arena sob

the arena is easy stuck_out_tongue only krakko and marx soul are difficult

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I love playing as Kirby in smash bros, even though he isn't very good. smile

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The Super Tough Pink Puff is my favorite! I'm very into his handheld (DS) games. Canvas Curse, Squeak Squad, Super Star Ultra, and Mass Attack were my jam! He's also pretty cool in Smash Bros.

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What about how there was a huge war with kirby's people and how kirby and metaknight are the last of their species? So kirby is superman and meta is Zod. Or Goku and vegeta. So ya. A war

if anyone hasn't gotten triple deluxe yet,

get it.

it has easily one of my favorite songs

this needs to be in the next smash

oh man

this topic


I shall endeavor to control my hype. I am a HUGE Kirby fan. Like, the games are amazing, and the world is amazing, and its just so-

...Anyway, the first Kirby game I ever saw was Kirby 64, which I would often play at my friend's house. Years later, I bought it on Virtual Console. After a little bit, I decided to get Super Star Ultra for my DS. That's where I really got hooked. I got hyped for the release of Return to Dreamland via the Kirby Wiki, and did the same thing for the 25th Aniversary game. My favorite game so far would be Dreamland 3, which combines a lot of nostalgia aspects from 64 into a regular and fun Kirby game. Not to mention Zero is a bad ace final boss.

A lot of the games have great soundtracks too. One of my personal favorites:


There are not many people who like Dreamland 3, let alone have it as their favourite.


It was just such a fun game, and had amazing art design. Not to mention the music...

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Dream Land 3 exists?

kirby air ride ftw


It did take me two years. The main difficulty I had was conserving the tomatoes properly (and Marx.)

Also, anyone who likes Kirby, read Brawl in the Family - it's based on a lot of Nintendo franchises but the author has some great interpretations of Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Adeline.

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