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so i just reached the final boss of team kirby clash deluxe

these games i swear
it just gets more and more ridiculous


Kirby lore is one of the most simplistic yet mind boggling things I have ever seen in my entire life... And WILL see, for that matter.




Look up the final boss' name plus Comin At Ya on YouTube

You won't be sorry


So... Meta knight has a gunship.

A giant flying gunship...

Did he find it an put his face on it?


the best thing is that it's 90% in the background

plus it's such a juxtaposition with the super cute and bright and happy nature of the gameplay

why did i do this

the Halberd
it's got the raddest boss of all time on it
Main Cannon 2

also whenever you get the chance, look up the Kirby Super Star version
it's so fat it's hilarious

we don't know where the Halberd comes from, but Meta Knight has always had it
it can be assumed the mask was always on there


Because you're mad enough to take my advice

Plus now you can't say you clicked a link >:]


So some things to note:

  • Water is back
  • Helpers are back, but instead of Kirby creating them from his own power, he launches a heart projectile at enemies to turn them good
  • Using the helper system, Kirby can combine powers ala 64. Examples shown are Sword + Fire, Bomb + Water, Ice + Stone
  • Helpers are necessary to complete some challenges. Example shown is Parasol Waddle Dee blocking water flow for an explosive fuse
  • Kirby can...combine? with 3 helpers to roll around like a wheel
  • Whispy Woods looks friggin awesome

Overall, this is more than I ever could have hoped for. Like, HOW IS THIS SO GOOD LIKE WHAT


It feels like that unreleased Kirby Adventure that was later translated into Return to Dreamland on the Wii.


Had that thought to

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Oh he's beautiful.



And RICK was there for a second

They better not be teasing us

Eh, you know, the gimmicks that don't actually make the game sell any better, gotta have those


And I thought clay Whispy was good looking wow

And we're getting ANOTHER ONE on DS before the year is over too.

Man I am going to be so broke

EDIT: Hey wait they took Rick out what

Dangit Nintendo you're trolling us

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So I've been rewatching the trailer about a billion times, and I think I've figured out how the ability mixing works.

Within the trailer, there are 12 copy abilities shown:

  • Sword
  • Cleaning
  • Water
  • Cutter
  • Bomb
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Stone
  • Beam
  • Parasol
  • Hammer
  • Whip

Presumably, there will be more than these 12 abilities in this game (the last mainline console game, RtDL, had 23). However, we must operate off of what we know now.

It seems the mixing is less of combining the two powers, and more of adding a modifier to the initial power. For example, Sword + Fire is pretty much just a sword with fire, Water + Bomb is a bomb with water, and so on. There are 6 combos shown in the trailer:

  • Sword + Fire
  • Bomb + Water
  • Stone + Ice
  • Hammer + Water
  • Whip + Beam
  • Cutter + Fire

There seems to be a trend with these combos. The base power is more object oriented, such as Sword or Hammer. The powers being added are more elemental, such as Water or Fire. This would imply that not all 12 abilities can be mixed together. Rather, perhaps we can only mix Object powers with Element Powers. The flavor text on the website also seems to imply this:

Imbue copy abilities with different elements, such as wind, water, fire and electricity, by borrowing or giving them to helpers to add more attack power, unleash powerful attacks, or solve puzzles

Assuming that all abilities are combinable, we're left with something like 35 different combinations of powers, in addition to regular powers, AND whatever they've yet to reveal. That's absolutely phenomenal, and I can't wait to see the different puzzles that will require different combinations.

here's hoping it isn't restricted to just Fire, Water, Beam, and Ice

Also I noticed that the Helpers' colors correspond to the player they're set to; 2P is yellow, 3P is blue, 4P is green.

I never saw him, I think you may have just confused Nago for Rick. They're pretty easy to mix up, especially when viewed for a split-second.


He was in the background somewhere, although Nintendo may have taken a few frames out because of it.

Still, Nago's a good sign that we'll be seeing more. c:

This better be what Return to Dream Land wasn't, because if so it's going to be perfect.

Also, the way helpers (or extra players) are added appears to be quite a bit different, involving a heart that comes from Kirby? I don't see how you would find it in the level, because that's just stupid.

EDIT: Also, considering Waddle Dee charged up his parasol abnd it grew to about twice as big, there's probably some new function to the older powerups.

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Dangit slime you beat me to it.

EDIT: July 16th.
Some ideas have been swirling around in my head for a few days for my ideal Kirby game. Does contain spoilers for the most recent few Kirby games (KEY, KRTDL, KTD, and KPR) as well as The Dark Matter Trilogy. You have been warned.
Alrighty. Kirby is sleeping under a tree as usual until Meta Knight and Dedede wake him up. They stare into the sky as a creeping shadow looms overhead. It corrupts the Halberd and everything in it. Their plan is to get to the center of the darkness and return Dreamland to its proper state, but not without help. Kirby pulls out a magic sock and summons Prince Fluff from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

So the 7 levels are:
Nutty Nemoral (Forest themed)
Oat Opera (Music themed)
Tangerine Tides (Water Themed)
Ham Highland (Mountain/Cliff themed)
Ice Cream Industry (Ice/Factory theme)
Nacho Something (I need help with this one)
Gloomy Garden (Darkness themed/ Dark Halberd)

This game will also bring back combo abilities from Kirby 64, along with the standard copy abilities of recent games and a few new ones.

At the end of Gloomy Garden (Which is actually a corrupted version of Rainbow Resort) lies the Star Rod, perched atop a fountain. Kirby has to obtain the Star Rod to defeat the darkness. However, It is guarded by the one and the only Miracle Matter. MM uses all of the standard copy abilities in his fight. After MM is defeated, Kirby and crew fly up with the Star Rod to the Dark Halberd. This is basically the Halberd from Kirby Super Star but with a dark vibe and a few new things. Bosses like Heavy Lobster are back and corrupted. At the end, Kirby blows up the Dark Halberd and escapes with the Wheelie Rider ability. Meta Knight, Dedede, and Fluff are all at the end of the ship. The Star Rod transforms into the Starship from Kirby Super Star and they fly off into the swirling cloud above them.

The level that proceeds is a shooter level along the lines of Gradius or R-Type. Kirby and crew are finally at the center of the cloud and they meet who all of us have been waiting for for 18 years: 0³. I can't think of a design, but there are plenty out there. Once defeated, a portal opens up and 0³'s health replenishes. Out from the portal comes Parallel Magolor, Sectonia, and Star Dream. They all want to defeat 0³ for different reasons. Magolor: 0³ is in the way of conquering the universe. Sectonia: Can't be a beautiful goddess with 0³ concealing everything in darkness. And Star Dream: 0³ is organic. That's pretty much it.
Now you get to play as any of the three, and two other players choose the other two. Meanwhile, Kirby and crew are trying to escape because they think 0³ is defeated. This is another shooter section. They are finally out of the cloud to see a sunset.
Parallel Magolor, Sectonia, and Star Dream defeat 0³. However, a portal opens up and the Dark Mirror appears. Parallel 0³ and Dark 0³ are summoned and they fuse with the original 0³. We don't see what happens but we do know that the Parallel Trio are defeated.
We cut back to Kirby on the Starship. They fly towards the sun as the dark cloud dissipates. However, an ominous being lowers down and blocks the sun. This is Absolute Zero, the true final boss. Kirby and crew are blown out of their ship. Now they must fight Absolute Zero face to face.

That's all I have. Thanks for reading my dumb little fanfic.

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That does seem like an interesting idea for a game, but to be honest, I would prefer to cover new ground rather than draw too much on older games. There's the ancient dudes from Halcandra who have been implied to be behind the vast majority of shenanigans in the Kirby universe. They have gotten 0 direct plot development. I would love to see a game where you interact with these guys; either through time travel, or via them still being around.

It'll also be cool because I believe those ancient dudes are canonically Kirby's own species, and sweet soup we need more development on that front.


I haven't played much of Krtdl so if you don't mind me asking, can you tell me more of these ancient dudes? They seem interesting.

I'll be honest. I just really want to fight Miracle Matter at the Fountain of Dreams. (That's what it's called, right?)

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Essentially, they seem to be the dudes behind most macguffins that are in the Kirby universe. I don't want to spoil much about RtDl's plot, but the latter half of the game takes place in an abandoned city. Theres a couple of robots 'n such that guard the city, whose pause descriptions say they were built by the ancient dudes. Other flavor text implies that they were behind the creation of the Master Crown (the macguffin of RtDl), the Novas, and the Star Rod. It's also implied that they built a lot of other stuff which is scattered across the universe. Overall, they're cool, and considering that they were briefly referenced in both Triple Deluxe and Robobot, it's likely that they'll be a factor moving forward.

Regarding my theory that they are Kirby's species, it's more of a shaky set of ifs. It's heavily implied, both visually and through flavor text, that Galacta Knight is from Halcandra. It's more shakily implied that based on appearance, Galacta Knight and Meta Knight are the same species. It is all but confirmed that Meta Knight and Kirby are the same species.

So, IF Galacta Knight is from Halcandra, and IF he is the same species as Meta Knight, and IF Meta Knight is the same species as Kirby, then my theory is pretty much confirmed.

Yeah the Fountain of Dreams is right. I'll be honest, as much as I love the MM fight from 64, I don't think it would work with a modern Kirby game. His gimmick where you constantly have to change powers is great, and in 64 where's there's only 7 abilities, it's feasible. But modern games have like upwards of 15 abilities, and having a boss with that many stages would just be a mess. In fact, I don't think the combo gimmick would work at all outside of 64. It works there because each ability only does one thing. Newer games have all been in Super Star style, where abilities have multiple moves. Being able to combine any two powers would make the game extremely hectic, as you'd have like a thousand moves you could do.

On a smaller, much more feasible scale than either of our requests, I'd love to see Yo-Yo come back. Ziti and Mirror were hands down my favorites in SS and SSU. We got Mirror and Jet back in Robobot, so I don't think Yo-Yo is too outlandish a request. I'm glad Clean(ing) is making a return in K18, but I want moooooooore.


He wouldn't have to have THAT many… maybe just the iconic ones, and then the new ones introduced in that hypothetical game

Yes but that would be awesome
Even though incredibly stupid and unrealistic


Look at Magolor's hands.
Look at Dedede's hands.
Look at Mii Character from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2014 Sochi's hands.
Now, Magolor resembles a jawa, doesn't he? and jawas are from Star Wars, right?

Well, that just means George Lucas runs Club Penguin. Plain and simple.

Sory for being a bit blunt with that, but this kind of theory is iffy at best. If Galacta and Meta are the same species - which is definitely not out of the question, both have wings and those noodle-arms - then Meta would be in the clear. But Meta and Kirby being the same is about the relation between Crash Bandicoot and Chester Cheetah.

There are so many physical differences between the two that it's impossible to draw a comparison. Why doesn't Kirby have noodle-arms? 1000 years in a spaceship might do that. But why doesn't Meta Knight have the ability to inhale stuff? the anime had quite the chance to prove that if they wanted to/needed to. And what would this mean for Kirby as a character? he wouldn't ever be looked on the same.

However, assuming the first part of your theory is correct, it would be interesting to see if Nintendo tries a more ambiguous path - What if Kirby is a project? of course that spirals into all other sorts of nonsense I'm not even going to bother. But still... Food for though.

Best OC Don't Steal


Now let's see what we got here:

Besides sounding like a direct rip of all the endings from Kirby and SSBB, there's a few serious errors here. Let's see:

Miracle Matter is dead, and he looked super weird to begin with.
0³ would be EPIC, but let's face it Nintendo isn't doing that again ;~;
Why do Magolor, Sectonia, and Star Dream need to come back? no offense to any of those great games, but those fiends are dead and buried and nobody else wants to fight them outside of the game they appeared it.

Overall, given the usual level of quality to Kirby's stories and how it has ioncreased just during the time span of the two DS games... I don't see any of this happening. Plus, the stages don't even spell out something, I mean you gotta have that.


magolor was never really evil, and he's still alive in canon (i think)

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