The K'nex Topic

K’NEX was pretty freakin’ awesome, honest to God.

It was basically taking the idea of LEGO and turning it into something ORIGINAL cough Mega Bloks cough,

My favorite K’NEX sub theme was ALIVE. The sets looked absolutely awesome. Clawing Chimera

^this thing,

remains my favorite K’NEX set ever.

What dy’all think about the marvelous?

<> in the title 'cause title needs to be 7 characters long :confused:


Oh my gosh, I remember K'nex Alive, they were awesome. I had all of them except the Shredding Manticore and Slashing Griffin

The Slashing Griffin I desperately wanted, but every store was like "haha, we're sold out"


...the Manticore

Oh god, that face.

I'm totally changing my Avatar now!

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I got some bins of K'nex from thrift stores. That's about it.

I would enjoy them.

If the pieces matched the friggin color scheme.

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I used to have one of the k'nex roller coasters. It was kinda fun.

I'm not into K'nex as much now, but I have the Crazy Ball Machine (or whatever its called), and my brother has the giant snake roller coaster as well as several amusement-park ride thingies.

K'nex seemed neat. But I never really got into it.

I used to have a regular roller coaster, a snake themed roller coaster, a pinball game, and a few others, but my brother and I got rid of them because we were moving to a smaller home, and didn't have the room for them.

I have two massive boxes of K'nex.

Never really used em much, aside from making weapons and armor when I was a little kid and my friend was over.


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Why is this in the HSH?

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One thing that modern K’nex suffer is the sheer focus on license theme to sustain it’s company.

I have check some original set use bricks in the past, but it seems more prevalent on license theme.
(I have collected a few sets during my childhood.)

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I have some loose k’nex pieces, but I don’t know where they came from. My guess is that they came with the big box of toys that my neighbor gave my brothers many years ago. I also remember doing a. project in fifth grade where we had to build cars out K’nex. Also, In 7th grade, my science teacher had a huge box of k’nex and legos that we could play with.

I’m conflicted on K’nex.

Ever k’nex piece for the most part only comes in a couple of colors. That gives k’nex sets a colorful and unique look, but also makes some of the sets look cluttered and incohesive.

Also, I’m not a fan of K’nex bricks and figures. They are a blatant rip off of LEGO. The bricks are even compatible with LEGO bricks!

Overall, I don’t really dislike K’nex, but I’ll stick with my legos, thank you very much.