The Kohva Contest

So you remember my moc Kohva? No?
He was just a Ko-Matoran with a pakari who may or may not be an Av-Matoran.
I’d like you guys to recreate him. Ive been in a MOCing block for a while now.
-No bootleg pieces.
-Painted pieces are allowed.
-White Pakari
-Try not to damage pieces unless completely necessary.

I tried to make this topic before but I wasn’t a regular, so…

Get to buildin’ ! :grin:



Wait, hold on.

I see why you allow painted pieces.


I totally would, but I don’t own a white Pakari. i have a black one that I’m not willing to paint, but thats it

I believe he is simply looking for new ideas; he notes that he is having " MOCer’s block".

However, I for one don’t have A) a white pakari and B) the time to devote to this.

Also, C) there is no prize and thus not much of an incentive to do so. Time is very limited for a MOCer like myself who is balancing college classes and stuff, and even then I don’t have a job so I have more free time than most.

TL;DR I would recommend making your own MOCs since I don’t think you’ll get many takers. :stuck_out_tongue:


To host a contest you need to offer a prize.

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