The Kraahkan's design

I love the Rahkshi-esque design for the Kraahkan, but I’ve always been confused as to why it seems to be structured to have two “faces”. I’ve looked for information on the mask, but there doesn’t seem to be much else other than the amount of holes for the different versions of the Kraahkan. Was there some intended feature for the mask to flip like Vezon’s Ignika, given that it attaches in a rather unorthodox way to Makuta’s head (with the head piece facing upwards and backwards)?

I’m not sure how accurate this is, but my theory is that the mask worn normally is meant to be Takutanuva’s mask. Notice how the details mirror that of Takanuva.


Wow, that’s actually a really astute observation. Seeing as how unwieldy it would look to have the split design from the Mask of Light movie resting on the back of the Kraahkan, or an entirely separate mask altogether, the Avohkii being subtle enough to me already on the Kraahkan itself is wild.


While what @truereset33 is really cool and I prefer to use the kraahkan as such, I always interpreted it to be more like how Miserix (and all makutas before there evolution) had the ability to transform, like Miserix’s dragon form vs his humanoid form


I can’t really explain for one-story purposes, but I know the set reason is so that toa can wear the mask, as the connection point is on the top of the mask as makuta wears it.

Similar to Vezon’s mask, as it’s supposed to be the mask of Life, fuzed to his face.


This is just wild guessing, but it is suggested in Mask of Light that Makuta was at some point planned to be like Ninjago Garmadon – not evil, but corrupted by the mask of shadows “my duty is to the mask of shadows”. Since set design is so early in the process, perhaps the mask was fused to the back of Makuta’s head, like Vezon.


I believe this is clearly the original intention… which was then completely forgotten by set designers subsequently; Possibly because the Movie-Edition Kraahkan without the Avohkii details was a promotional exclusive, I think they should have been switched around.


Yeah, they don’t even show Takutanuva wearing it that way in the box art or instructions. Yet oddly enough, Icarax is shown wearing it that way in his booklet, but not on his box art.

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