The Krampus

In folklore the Krampus was a creature that would accompany Saint Nicolas on Christmas and punish the children who were disobedient during the year, opposite to rewarding them with gifts. The Krampus would often times beat the children with sticks and branches, or simply kidnap them. In the holiday spirit I decided to build a Bionicle representation of “The Christmas Devil” and share it with everyone.

Here is one of the sticks/branches:

And here is how folklore presents the Krampus:


his color should have been black…

Uh… Merry Christmas? (Shuffles away in terror…)


The silver and red doesn’t quite go with the theme, and it’s lacking the trademark horns.

All in all, it doesn’t scream Krampus to me, even as a Bionicle version of the figure.

The MOC itself isn’t bad, it just doesn’t work as Krampus.

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nice looking!

Okay, the silver and red thing is just an interpretation – meaning instead of fur, it has protodermis armor. As for the horns, I felt the silver Krika mask was fitting and thought that a custom head would look too awkward and block-like.


he’s ready to teach kids a lesson!

What @PakariNation99 said. Looks nothing like Krampus. Making him black and giving him his trademark horns and tongue would make it look much better. As it stands, it’s just some red and silver guy.

I got to admit this looks great.
But I don’t see any resemblance of Krampus.