The Lancer TTRPG Topic

Im beginning to realize there might actually be enough people here to talk about this…
its time
Lancer TTRPG crosses tactical mech combat with, well, an RPG (you can use both meanings of that acronym if you like, it wouldnt be wrong) in its own scifi setting supported by plenty of lore.
if you want to check out the game, the player-facing resources are all free, including the core book and a digital tool for tracking characters, mechs, encounters and the like (this is the only way you can access expansions if you dont buy the PDFs though):

Not sure if anyone is interested, but Lancer does have a sister game, Lancer: Battlegroup, which focuses on space combat in the same universe, though it leans harder towards the strategy game than rpg (but still has aspects of both)


Ah yes, I’ve done it. I’ve found The Other Lancer Fan, here on TTV.
Yeah, Battlegroup is frighteningly crunchy compared to Lancer proper. They’re both super tense though; when I played a combi-campaign with both systems alongside some friends, I didn’t know if we were gonna make it through the first Battlegroup fight.

And throughout every Lancer fight I’ve been in I’ve been convinced we were all one or two turns away from getting nuked, which does wonders for the dramatic tension :upside_down_face:


I’ve known about this for a while, got close to playing once or twice. It seems super interesting and the art is great! Makes me think of my exo-force rpg idea that I always wanted to run (but likely never will).


In a lancer campaign I was in, we quite literally got nuked. We only survived because of some crazy plot armor and evil gods that are apparently real. I can’t wait to try and pick up that game again this summer, we had finally gotten to a point where we were doing the things we had planned to do. Man, this game is so fun.