The "Last Hope" - Chima ship stuff

Just remembered these things I built back in 2015.

The “Last Hope” V1

The “Last Hope” V2

Actually that ship used up pretty much all the brown pieces I had. Planned to update it again with bricklink parts, but for some reason I never did - currently still lying around in a partly dismanteled state (was raided for parts multiple times). I wonder if I will/should spend some time and resources on it again some time :thinking: It definitely might be interesting to see what I could do with bricklink parts and not just the stuff I have lying around (which is mostly parts from <2005 (because I don’t like taking apart sets - although for this I did, originally) limiting me somewhat in making system stuff look up to date)

The ballistas actually work if anyone wonders.

Some more pics of details:

Yes, that’s just a slightly modified sabre cat head from one of the sets, but I mean, it works, doesn’t it?

Boat thingie for the good guys.


Amazing build! I’m not much of a System expert, but there are a lot of great touches all over! I especially like the writing desk and the hull-breaker on the front.

A word of warning though; because it’s the first picture in your post, everyone will assume the “good guy” boat is the actual MOC you’re trying to feature, and won’t be as interested in your post.

Also, because you’re using clear coloured studs for the windows in the captain’s cabin, I bet you could get some kind of stained glass effect in there that’d look even better.


Yeah, right - forgot that stuff has “thumbnails” now. Thanks for pointing that out!

All that trans blue was basically supposed to be ice, but stained glass seems like something to keep in mind…

That looks amazing!

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This is very impressive, I like all the little details.

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