The last Ice Guardian, Shentora

This is probably one of my better mocs on which i did keep the color consistent. The ice axes were just to see what it looked like but the spear it his main weapon.OK back story:

When Ekimu died all the land got very ruthless and there were lots of riots. So to not put much pressure on the protectors there were 3 guardians of the three most ruthless elements: Ice, Fire and Jungle. These guardians had too keep control of everything from boring politics to being judges to being riot control. Once the turmoil was less they were told to explore nearby land for off land prisons but eventually decided to explore the whole planet. The Guardian of fire killed himself after his armor fused to his skin. The Guardian of earth was obsessed with a new marital he found and when Shentora said he could mine no more he was forced to kill him. He has now returned to the island.

look at that spear

“dont come any colser”

With a legend


His probe but i can`t think of a nick name/name for

So what did you think?


I can suggest the name “Gremlin” for the drone :smile: I love the design of this creation :smile:

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yeah the drone can turn into a ice blasting shield thingy


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oh i thought that was just for the title

really basic
He just looks like a CCBS-ed Gelu to be honest


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ok but what did you think of the moc

I really like the weapons. The use of the 2015 axes and trans-blue bows really looks neat, although I will agree with Ghosty. All it really is basically is Gelu with CCBS. The Inika Chestplate makes his torso VERY flat and the backside needs some covering.


The weapon is interesting, but everything else is just, meh.

It’s a bit basic, but it’s an okay moc