The Last Knight Nitro

My second creation from the last knight is Nitro.
One of Megatron’s genericon lackeys who bears a striking resemblance to Shockwave.
He’s also going to get decapitated by Cogman.


Nitro is a beefy guy with big gorilla arms.

From the side.

His back is a bit gappy. SO DONT LOOK AT IT.

He’s somewhere between Voyager and Deluxe sized.

He can be defensive.

But when he gets mad.

Watch out.

Nitro’s jet mode sure is a jet.

From behind.

As you may expect from a jet-former, he’s got a fair amount of under-kibble.

But he does have a flight stand.

And if you’re feeling crazy you can mount both weapons on the wing tips.

Pretty happy with how Nitro turned out. He’s not %100 accurate but it’s the best I could do, and I’d say it’s pretty good.


This is really really cool. I can’t even try to guess how he transforms looking at this, despite noticing recognizable features across the two modes. Excellent work!


Great transforming feature! In robot form it looks really good too.

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Whatch out.

Someone call the grammar police!

Any who, very neat creation

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I love the fact that it can transform and that you actually did put a lot of detail in robot form.

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This turned out great. Looks good and transforms perfectly.

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Very cool. I love the transformation.

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woah that pretty awesome, does the pieces fall out when you try to transform or is it pretty solid build under all that greeble.

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I really like how both modes look
The jet mode looks Flipping cool
Really cool moc :thumbsup:

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It is fairly fragile in certain areas.