The Last of Us

With the Remastered version being a big hit alongside the original, and Naughty Dog confirming LOU2 for 2016, let's get to talking about this awe inspiring game so many love.

Since LOU2 is in the works, what would you guys like to see? Personally, I'd like to see the story of Ish, a guy you only read about in the campaign. It seems like he'd have some pretty good story to go with him, and I feel that moving away from what was a perfect ending would preserve the first game,


Never played it because I heard from IRL friend it was sad.

I've not played the game, but why do all zombie apocalypses have the main character find a young girl who they leasd through the disaster?


Is that really in most apocalypse games?

And LOU is a lot deeper than just finding Ellie =/

Curse you, PS3, for your console exclusives! I really want to play this, but I'm not gonna buy a console for a handful of games. stuck_out_tongue

I'm starting to think that me and @BioRaiders532 might be the only ones on the message boards who have played The Last of Us.


Tis a sad day indeed frowning

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Say, do you have a PSN account? I would like to add you.

Yop, BioRaidrrs532

Yes, there are regrettably two r's...

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I don't know. This seems popular though.

Fantastic game start to finish, I beat it in 3 days flat.

But I wouldn't call it art.

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Why not? I mean, film is a medium of art, and this game is extremely cinematic. I would argue that this game is a deeper piece of art than the majority of modern art pieces today. It shows the depths of humanity, our most basic instinct: survival, and what happens when that survival is threatened.

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The sole reason I wouldn't is because games like Shadow of the Colossus and Heavy Rain set the bar higher.

I would argue that those games are among the highest art humanity has produced stuck_out_tongue

I feel that TLoU would have worked just fine as a movie. You would have gotten the same emotional effect. For me to really feel a game has used it's full potential AS a game, it needs to do something a movie cannot Drive emotion entirely through gameplay. TLoU only had one scene that I found to be emotional gameplay, being the final scene, and even then, it was really driven by cutscenes. The gameplay was after the big emotional impact, it didn't cause it.

A very artistic game, just not one that I would call art.

Personally, a movie would have been too short, too condensed. Even if you lined up all the cutscenes, it wouldn't make sense as a story, just a lot of jumping around, and you would have two hours worth of footage with no context. In fact, I hold no hope for the movie adaptation that was recently announced. “I'm in the middle of it now, and it's been super difficult because there's so much that happens in The Last of Us – even just in the cinematics – that can't fit in a film," said Druckmann, "let alone all the gameplay in-between and dialogue.”

This is unfortunate that it's being transferred into a movie format, as it just couldn't work. The Last of Us is more akin to a perfectly faithful book adaptation than a movie.

I understand what you're saying, but I felt that The Last of Us did in fact use it's full potential. I don't think that it was supposed to be the most emotionally gripping story, but it was supposed to get it's message across. To me, a lot of games don't even have a message to communicate, or they have a weak one. The Last of Us works as art because of its message, not because of it's cutscenes or gameplay. Everything else in the game was support for the message. and that's how a narrative game like TLoU should be structured. There were no pointless quests, no random missions to make the game last longer. Everything fit, and worked well together. It was a very well-crafted cinematic experience, wherein I felt a connection to the characters. Maybe it's because I relate to the feelings of loss and being alone, but to me, it was a very touching game, and it's theme of moving on and surviving hit home. I wouldn't say I felt a deep, emotional impact either, but I did feel like a part of the world.

To me, that is all that this genre of art needs to be, it needs to be able to communicate a message, it needs to connect to the player, and it needs to immerse you.

I never played Shadow of Colossus myself, but I would agree that it is a very well done piece of art. Heavy Rain was also very dramatic and enjoyable to play. I hold both games in high esteem, along with The Last of Us.

Easily one the best games I've played, and the best and most emotional story that I've ever experienced in a game.