The Last Resistance (Battlefield)

“many thanks tiny organic lifeform, these things are the perfect opponent don’t you think?”

“Very. They remind me of an old nemesis of mine.” Mark bent down and picked up the chrome mask that had belonged to the Xir’algath. It looked exactly like the Gamemaster’s mask. “…Many years ago.”

Runa’s mask began to glow. “Same to you.” Any part of the Xir’algath touching his body would begin to rapidly decay. As soon as he could get out of the grip, Runa twirled around in the air, sending energy blasts every which way to get the attackers back away from them. He then turns to Mark. “Thank you, little one.” He said. “But don’t get sentimental yet, we’ve got business to attend to!”

“Right.” Mark extended his hand to Runa. “My name’s Mark, by the way.”

Runa bowed. “Well I am Runa, Bringer of Death. Nice to meet you.” When he rose from his bow, he saw the outstretched hand. “Oh! Sorry, different customs.” He shook it.

Just then, a large blade struck the ground. Mark was brought back to reality. “We need to find cover! I know where we can go. C’mon!” He shouted, leading Runa (@Runa) , Cydonia (@L.O.S.S-KAL) and Bones (@Toa_Distraxx) to a structure in the distance. “So, what are you guys’ stories? I mean, who and where were you before, and how did you get here?” He asked as he ran.

“I don’t remember much except that I died a while ago and now I’m alive again.” Bones says as he runs. “As for how I got here, I don’t remember that either.”

“Must’ve hit your head hard.” Mark said, briefly stopping to slash a Xir’algath warrior with his sword. He then continued to run.
“What about you? What’s your story?” He asked Runa.

Nimrack appeared on the asteroid right in Mark’s back

“Well, I usually bring the souls of the recently deceased to their final resting place, but then I was brought here.” He said.

"Who are you?"Mark asked nimrack

“First, I need to know who you are…” Nimrack said

“I’m Mark.” He told Nimrack.

"Who are you serving…Mark…? And who are your fellow friends?

“We are trying to fight off the Xir’algath warriors.” Mark said.

“I am Nimrack, and who I am serving , you can’t know, but you can know I’ll help you in a way or another”

“Alright, follow me.” Mark said, leading him to the structure with the others.
A Xir’algath ship appeared in front of the group, aiming its guns at them.

Cydonia forms a spear of ice and hurls it with the force of a missile launcher
“terraforming robot upgraded with a prototype agricultural frame”

The ship was struck with the ice spear and lurched backwards. It then began firing its guns.

Runa ran off to the side and flew up to them, quickly reaching near-Mach speeds.