The Last Resistance (Battlefield)

As the Xir’algath made their way through the multiverse, it seemed that nothing could stand in the way of their conquest.

Exempt for one thing.

Deep in the far reaches of space is a large asteroid. It was on the trajectory of the Xir’algath’s invasion, and stood in the way of their ships. Seemingly, out of nowhere, warriors of great power suddenly found themselves on this asteroid, with little to no clue as to how they got there. However, that wasn’t important, as fighting off the Xir’algath immediately became the warriors’ priority. They eventually became an organised army, and have ever since been doing everything they can to impede the progress of the Xir’algath…
We now join the warriors, who are currently locked in the heat of battle in combat with Xir’algath warriors.

Runa shoots blasts of green energy out from behind the cover of an upturned piece of land.

A Xir’algath warrior was struck by the blast. He writhed for a few moments before shooting out oily black tentacles toward Runa.

Runa flew to the side and slashed down at it with his scythe, shooting two green energy spikes for its throat.

The scythe cut through the warrior’s tentacles, and the energy spikes penetrated it’s throat. The Xir’algath squirmed briefly, as if it were about to die. But it would take more than that to kill it. It’s tentacles grew back, and it’s throat regenerated.

Runa began storing energy in his right arm, green electric-like arcs coming off of it. He kept moving, refusing to stay still as he did this.

Bones shoots a Xir’algath warrior.

The Xir’algath warrior took the bullets, but didn’t slow down. In fact it began to charge towards Bones.

Cydonia tramples his way through some of the Xir’algath swinging a glaive made of ice around him

Bones waits for the Xir’algath warrior to get to him.

The Xir’algath warrior grabbed bones, with its tentacles and lifted him off the ground


Several Xir’algath were struck by Cydonia’s gnaive and fell.

Bones takes off one of his arms and throws it behind the Xir’algath.


A group of several Xir’algath cornered Runa, Cydonia and Bones together.

“time to mince em eh?”

Bones reattaches himself to his thrown arm, then shoots the Xir’algath warrior again. He then turns to see the group of several Xir’algath.

A large Xir’algath warrior grabbed Runa, Bones and Cydonia, lifting them into the air with its tentacles. “Ant tusbih 'alam haqiqiun.” (You are becoming a real pain)

“C R U S H”
Cydonia brought down his glaive on the thing’s skull

The Xir’algath warrior flinched as it was struck in its skull. However, it barely even loosened its grip on the warriors. The Xir’algath laughed as the hole in its head sealed back up.

“you laugh until you realise that was absolute zero”
The Xir’glath felt the spreading chill

The Xir’algath cocked his head, confused. His eyes were then wide with shock when he realized what was happening. He screamed as his body was frozen. a few seconds later, The ice form shattered, and Runa, Bones and Cydonia were released from the tentacles. The Xir’algath squirmed as it regenerated itself, the broken pieces of its body molding together. He stood up, glaring down at the warriors.

Suddenly, a large axe blade burst through its chest. The Xir’algath screamed as it was violently ripped apart by a large, armored being, with four arms and Wolverine claws. As he discarded the lifeless, mutilated pieces of the Xir’algath’s corpse, the being’s armor suddenly crumbled away, and he shrank down. The Wolverine claws, along with the extra set of arms, had disappeared. Now standing in the being’s place was a well-built man with a short, grey beard, wearing armor and carrying a sword and shield. He had the appearance of an aged, seasoned warrior, with nearly 40 years of combat and experience under his belt…

Mark Mcneil, now an old man.
“You guys okay?” Mark asked the strangers that he had saved.