The League of Hunters Artwork and Concept Art

This is the Artwork, Concept Art AND Discussion Topic for my; The League of Hunters series. Unfortunately, it’s not as engaging to write as Beast Chronicles. In fact, I haven’t even finished the first chapter and am very tempted to revise it. When I finally get around to having some story material to post, you will find the topic Here.

To explain The League of Hunters, the simplest explanation is that it is a multi-universal Organization that exists with the sole purpose of preventing any and all attempts to conquer more than one universe. You could see them as being a much bigger version of the Order of Mata-Nui in G1 Bionicle. The members are made up of powerful warriors from all sorts of universes (sometimes even dimensions!) with a limit of 2 members from each universe.

Here are the titles of the series:

This book tells the story about a mission to investigate a strange signal. This leads to a bizarre adventure filled with giant bunny-rabbits, people you could swear were dead last you checked, and lunchtime!

A few years after the events of the original, the heroes we met are forced to return to the location of the previous story. This time, they are forced to ally with Rex, a traitor to the League and brother to one of our heroes, and work together so they may go up against an enemy bent on revenge.

A little while after the events of the 2nd book, The League of Hunters encounters a problem. The Swarmers, a mechanical army owned and operated by the League, has been hijacked. In this new adventure, our heroes join forces with Blaster, the King of the Sea, and Beo, an ancient Mutant Dragon who is reluctant to accept anyone's help, in a mission to shut down the Army and discover who is responsible for this mess. (Yes, Beast Chronicles and TLoH are crossover series!)

In this tale, instead of our heroes going on an adventure, we are told stories of how Asolon became a League member and Mission that sent the League into a land of fire and destruction.

League of Hunters Members

(By the way, my Toa Crimson character is a member too!)

I will be trying to make contests for drawings and/or MOCs for other League members, as I can no longer draw (Not joking). So keep an eye out! (P.S. If I ever finish the story for this, I’ll put your name in the book!)

The Alphas
(The first 5 and the 7th are in the 2nd book. The 6th one is In books 1&2. Mech later appears in Beast Chronicles, don’t ask how.)

Anybody Look familiar? /\

Concept Art

Interested in anything else related to this?
Beast Chronicles:

Empire of Shadows


woah whats raph doing there?

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Huh, he actually does look like Raphael.

was that intended? btw these are pretty cool

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Actually, he's supposed to be based on the Recorder. You know, the guy who writes everything the Shadowed One says.

by shadowed one you mean teridax right?

No, The Dark Hunters leader.

oh, sorry

Don't worry about. Although, I do have a Character in my Beast Chronicles series based on Teridax.

cool. anyway your art is cool, keep up the good work!

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You draw alot, which is good if you have to Improve, you need to get response, and here I am. Ideas for characters are preety interesting, but you should change couple of things:
Draw with previously drawed skeletons (not spooky ones) that you can see on google and stuff (just search "drawing skeletons". This should show alot of results)
Secondly, you shoild try out adding shading (eaven simple one, it helps with three dimentional look)
And lastly, try making the not as skinny as you draw some now.

Thats all for my critique! I hope you get eaven better! :3

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Sadly, your critique on how I can improve these drawings is of no use to ME. I drew all of these over 3 years ago, but since then I have lost the ability to draw, literally. I can no longer draw or write with my hands, thanks to a disability. I type using an onscreen keyboard, which is how I post topics and comments. I'm all for a better version of these characters, but I will not be the one drawing them.

But thanks for the feedback anyway!

P.S. Most of these pictures were redesigns of older versions. The next version would be version 3.0! smile

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Thats actualy quite sad to hear... well, atleast i hope you will draw great when you are able to do that again! wink

In the meantime, gotcha gift for ya! Its not fill colour or eaven outlined, but I think It will do smile


I wish there were two Like buttons, because I want to hit that like button again! But if I hit it again it would un-like the post.

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The First Art Contest has begun!

Can you describe Asolon's hat/helmet more? I can't tell if it's a baseball cap or some kind of metallic helmet.

Oh, that? Yes, it is a helmet. Inside it is a spare handgun. The original idea for Asolon's design came from a custom minifigure in Lego Star Wars II. Said figure was built with Han Solo's legs, a Jawa torso and head, a Tusken Raider's gun and a helmet from one of Jabba's guards.

Don't have time to do them all. I did Asolon and the sword guy because I thought they were the strongest designs lol. Maybe you could call him Ikarah (ee-car-rah). I looked up the translation for Master from English to Maori and it was Akiri. I made it backwards and changed it a bit.


I like how your interpretation of the Sword master looks (although I'd prefer it being in the contest topic, but it's not a real problem), the outfit gives off nice a Jedi vibe.

As for Asolon here, he looks great! BUT, (and this is mostly my fault for not giving a description on any of the characters) it sadly isn't accurate. Although, you weren't far off about the gauntlets, the actual character has a contraption that fires grappling hooks in them.

Main details about Asolon that I didn't mention:

  1. He is actually wearing a mask over his head, and has goggles sewed into the eye holes. Now, I'll admit your design looks pretty accurate to that, but the only issues are that the actual character has pointed ears and no nose (Nose, not nostrils. He has nostrils on his head but doesn't have a Human nose).

  2. His legs are completely mechanical due to a childhood accident. And I drew the feet funny because his race doesn't know how to make feet.

  3. Just to be clear, Asolon is Clumsy. Not to mention that he is mostly comic relief for the series. So the Serious Look doesn't really fit.

I still applaud you for your depictions of these characters though! Great Job!

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Why is their a Keyblade

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