The legacy begins

The pressure from the hot air, coupled with the unlocking of the silver cylinder, sent the heavy dome rocketing along the golden sand. A long, frightful moment passed before the mechanical body that lay on the beach moved. The altogether flummoxed pink eyes woke to the startling sight of his arm, half buried in the sand in front of him, not connected to his body. The old, worn, rusted pistons and rotten flesh in his other arm strained toward his missing limb. successfully grabbing hold of it, the pink eyes pulled it toward his right shoulder, where the limp metal and flesh arm eerily connected easily to the socket in his shoulder.
Pushing himself up, with a disheartening amount of difficulty, the pink eyes surveyed his surroundings. A deep, beautiful hue of blue crashed gently against the sand, while the serene sound of flutes and drums drifted across the calm, warm, inviting wind, the kind that that could only exist in a faraway tropical paradise. A deep, thick jungle was situated above a short cliff a small ways off the shoreline, a jungle that housed the baleful red eyes of a massive blue scorpion. Despite the rather stupid nature of a nui-jaga, it watched the being on the beach for a long while, its interest piquing as the being grew in size before its eyes. Knowing of smaller and weaker prey, and with thoughts of self doubt crowding its mind, the scorpion moved on.
The being, having “attached” its legs, noticed a tribal grey mask lying on the ground. He tenderly raised his hand to his bare grey face. Thoughtlessly, he
squatted down and aggressively snatched the mask off the ground. The air sizzled as the brunt orange figure brought the mask up close. Without a second thought,he put on the mask, and instantly his rusted old mechanical parts boiled and crackled as they turned a brilliant red and bright orange, and his rotten flesh was replaced with callous and powerful muscle. No longer did it pain him to move, and he looked about freely. Spotting a red sword hilt that had remained in his canister, he went to retrieve it, after shooing away a Infernavika that was perched atop it looking down at him. The red being picked up the hilt, and immediately blistering hot flames shot out, by the base of where a blade would normally be positioned. In surprise, he dropped the blade and jumped back, but the flames didn’t go away. In fact, they hardened, creating a very hot sword.
The tall red being stooped to snatch the sword from the ground beneath him. He relaxed as his hand slipped nicely and snugly on the handle. Of course, toa can never be relaxed for long, and questions soon flooded the pink eyed-being’s head. He knew the answer to none of them, and his puzzlement turned to frustration, and he thought to turn his anger to the heavens, the ground, the endless ocean and everything beyond.
As he swung at a branchless, lifeless tree that sat on the fringe of countless more, fire seemed to explode all around as pure energy completely obliterated all traces of the tree that had been before. As he pointed his new found weapon at the cliff that was nearby, a stream of destruction rained forth. He grit his teeth so hard he thought they might fall off, until his disdain and enraged state burned out, and no fire escaped his sword. This did not relieve the pain and anger, but perhaps it could in time.
“Nothing”, he seethed through grit teeth. “I remember nothing!” as all the fury of the universe rose once again from inside him, and this time it would not burn out, he knew. as he rose, hands clenched and muscles tensed, he heard something.
“Tahu.” a voice called out softly. He looked around, but the owner of the voice remained anonymous. Luckily for the island and it’s residents, the word calmed him down. “a name, perhaps”, he mused, as he realized the voice had come from inside him. “That will be my title, then”, said he. Despair still latched on tightly, but the word brought him hope. He would remember it all eventually, and his fire would calm. This thought process left a bittersweet impression on him, for his anger gave him might and power. All the same, Tahu controlled himself enough to spy a pathway that lead toward a massive volcano, and to decide to walk there. and so he did, just as perplexed and befuddled as when he first shot out of that canister.

		"The knowing will come", said the voice.

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