The legend of Bonkles script

Hey guys, so I had this idea for a Bionicle show that encompasses the whole series. So a script prompt popped into my head. Because I was thinking: “Hey, what’s one of my favourite things about Bionicle?” And those things were Vezon, Mnog and Time Trap.

So basically the show is being Narrated by Vezon while he and the other assorted characters are in the fortress of the great beings on Bota Magna. Be warned, this contains lots of rambling, arguing, rip-offness (that’s not even a word!) and fourth wall breaking. Enjoy!

Currently unnamed Bionicle show script:

(Shows a fire)

Vezon (doing Vakama impression): Gathered friends, listen closely to our legends of the Bio- cough cough cough

(Zooms up to show Vezon)

Vezon: Sorry, doing that impression really hurts my voice! My name is Vezon, and today I’m going to tell you all about the legend of the Bio-

(Camera switches to Brutaka)

Brutaka: Vezon, what are you doing? You’re not even meant to be in the story yet!

Vezon: Neither are you, dummy!

Brutaka: Doh!

(Camera switches back to Vezon)

Vezon: Anyway… Before we were rudely interrupted, I’m here to tell you the COMPLETE legend of the Bionicle! No more hunting for Bionicle books and comics on E-Bay, or trying to piece together the lore from the movies and video games, it’s all here in one digestible TV show!

Brutaka: Vezon! Stop breaking the fourth wall!

1: I like it.
2: You just did it as well.
4: None of this conversation is canon anyway, so what do you care!?!
Any more questions?

Brutaka: Sighs, No.

Vezon: Good, now I can actually tell the story! Our tale begins on the island of Mata Nui: In the time before time, the great spirit Mata Nui descended from the heavens, carrying with him the Matoran, to a paradise island. But the Matoran were separate, and without purpose, so the great spirit gifted them with the three virtues: Unity, Duty and Destiny. The Matoran accepted these gifts and in gratitude, named their new island home Mata Nui, after the great spirit himself. But Mata Nui’s brother: the Makuta, was jealous of these gifts and betrayed him, casting Mata Nui into a deep sleep. And so Makuta was left to unleash his shadows onto the poor Matoran. Which brings us to the start of our story-

Brutaka: About 75% of that legend is a load of rubbish, plus you’re just ripping off the first movie!

Vezon: Well if you’re such an expert, you tell the story!

Brutaka: Well, I… I’d have to put together some notes-

Vezon: We don’t have time for that! A great being is going to blow up this building in about… looks at imaginary watch 3 minutes in canon time and about looks at watch again several hours in TV show time.

Brutaka: Wait, what?

Vezon: Back to the story! So, in a volcano on the island live the Ta-matoran (shows the Mangai volcano), Matoran who are really good at putting up with heat apparently, among them is Takua, a wanderer who loved adventure. His great tale is where our story begins.


So, be sure to give your thoughts on it. (This is gonna go horribly)

EDIT: The actual meat of this script is first off to come from the story of Bionicle: Quest for the Toa/Tales of the Tohunga for the Gameboy Advance. Only thing is, I’m having a little trouble getting a hold of said story. Anyone care to help out?


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That… was BEAUTIFUL.

Yeah, I think that gives me all the info I need on your thoughts.

This one gets it! I knew I could count on you Idris! (You are Idris right? Oh god don’t hurt me!)

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Vezon does seem to be the sort of person to break the fourth wall, as if he hadn’t done enough messing around with alternate universes.

Anyways, the script seems a bit long, in that the whole thing seems to center around fourth-wall breaking and confusion, so it overstays its welcome.

This joke, however, was a bit more clever. It took me a second to understand it, but it’s a nice stab at the unfinished storyline.

Yeah, this WAS only a first draft and I haven’t gotten to the meat of it yet as this first bit is the events that take place in The Quest for The Toa/Tales of the Tohunga for the GBA. The story of which has been more difficult to get a hold of than first realized.

Right, done an edit to cut a bit of the unnecessary fluff and I will try my best to find a good way to find out the story of the previously mentioned game so we can get to the meat of the story.

Seriously, I’m looking for playthroughs on youtube and such and all I can find are speedruns and some german dude. Help!


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That was actually great.

What did I just read…

The future.