The Legend of the BIONICLE: Celebrating 20 years of Lego stories

Congratulations @Sokoda, I’m so happy that your amazing project reached 10k.

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Congrats Sokoda.


I mean, Ratatouille isn’t as sure of a buy for me as this set, but I do want them both on shelves.


Agreed. I’d probably try to get that as well, but I’m definitely going to get this if it gets approved.

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Firstly, let me preface this by saying congratulations, Sokoda. This is a remarkable achievement.

Now allow me to make everyone in the discussion hate me at least slightly by reminding them that there is no guarantee that LEGO will make this a set. In fact, there’s no guarantee LEGO will make any of these a set. LEGO has turned down all proposed concepts in a review wave before and if they feel like it, they’ll do it again.

Not that I want that to occur, of course. But if this doesn’t end up becoming a set it’s an equally noteworthy achievement to have it reach 10K supporters in such a short time.


No hate at all from me. You make a fair point.


Looks like Brickset made another post about this:


Congratulations Sokoda! You have done it my friend!
You not only reached 10,000 but you reached it in under a month! Time will tell if this actually becomes a set but to reach the point where it is even considered is a great accomplishment. Much respect and again, congrats Sokoda.



I’m very happy that you made it to 10k so quickly. I very much hope to see this on shelves.

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I’m surprised there hasn’t been a TTV update video on it hitting 10000, considering how quickly they got one out for 5000 and 9000.


I was about to say that.


Congratulations @Sokoda

Only you could pull of a Bionicle tribute set that’s entirely brick-based.


@Sokoda you madman you did it. Best of luck to see if Lego approve’s!

So Christian Faber unintentionally used my name (used the exact capitalization and everything) in his Facebook post about Sokoda’s project reaching 10k, which I found kinda funny, as that was sort of my thinking when I came up with the name


I know right?

That’s another thing actually Sokoda, how does it feel to have your work get the personal approval of two of the big daddies of BIONICLE? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now that we reached 10.000 supporters and the project is out of our hands, I think it’s about time we ■■■■■ to discussion to the ultimate question: Will LEGO approve it?
Based on a little research I have done, here is what I came up with:

Reasons why they could approve it:

  • It reached the support it needed incredibly fast… That might convince them that there is indeed a demand for it.
  • It’s based of an original IP, so they wouldn’t have to go trough the trouble of licensing.
  • Most of the projects that were rejected before didn’t make it because of licensing issues, being made of way to many pieces, or simply not working is set format… Our project doesn’t seem to have any of those issues.
  • Projects with a specific target audience have been approved before, suggesting that ours could be in the same way.
  • Two official LEGO designers (Nick Vas and Toothdominoes) have shown their support for it, potentially influencing LEGO into approving it.

Reasons why it may not be approved:

  • They wouldn’t think it will sell well.
  • It has to compete against 6 other projects, which all have an equal chance of getting approved, and the maximum amount of projects that got approved in one review season up to this point was 3.
  • G2’s failure may contribute to the decision, as we have seen with Bionicle’s removal from The LEGO Movie 2.

So yeah, it’s really hard to tell what it’s going to happen, but based on those, I’ll give it a fifty-fifty chance of being approved. What do you think? Did I miss anything?


Mm, I think that’s more of an exceptional case though, considering that the idea would’ve been that the LEGO Movie 2 would be giving one of their currently selling lines some free promotion. That sort of falls on its face if the toy isn’t being sold anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I get your overall point, but that particular thing is a bit misleading.


Thank you to everyone who congratulated me, I won’t @ you all, because I don’t want to spam notifications.

@Ghid No hate from me either, I think we all know nothing is safe yet and a lot of projects get rejected, you are absolutely right

@RAKRONDEWL Thank you, and exactl, I think it’s already great we reached the 10.000 so fast, this undoubtedly shows Lego our commitment

@BioKnight I thougth about you immediately when I read that, also, that’s some very specific name he uses here, I wonder if that might be the name he will give whatever #14B2020 will end up beeing.

@TheMightyObsidianDude it feels so amazing. I think we are really lucky that some of the original creators of Bionicle are still involved with the community after all these years

@LegoDavid a lot of good points, the problem is we don’t know too much about how the Review-Board evaluates al that, so I don’t think it’s possible for us to speculate too much


Ah, the reasoning for that is it was one of the final, final preliminary names before they came up with BIONICLE

As he was very heavily involved in the early stages and beyond, Faber would be pretty familiar with the name of course :stuck_out_tongue: