The Legend of the BIONICLE: Celebrating 20 years of Lego stories

It’s finally done!

I’ve been working on this since the beginning of this year and I think it might be the most work I ever put in one of my builds!
I wanted to build this as a Lego ideas project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BIONICLE

Most important thing first: LEGO IDEAS LINK

Also a lot more pictures there!

Bionicle is a Legend of heroes and villains, fighting for a universe! An epic clash between light and shadow and a tale about unity, duty and destiny!

Bionicle started in the year 2000 or 2001 depending on where in the world you live. It was one of Legos first story themes and a predecessor of themes like Ninjago, Hero Factory or Nexo Knights.
This story is beloved by an entire generation of Lego fans and will soon be 20 years old.

To celebrate this anniversary I decided to submit a model depicting the story of Bionicle on Lego ideas.

And with your support, we can make this project a real Lego set!

My idea behind this project:
I started planning this model in the beginning of 2019. To create a set, for the bionicle community to celebrate the 20th anniversary, by showing what are in my opinion the most pivotal scenes in the entire storyline!
I decided to build three different scenes, because I think the number three has always been very important to the Bionicle universe, as in the three virtues and the three fragments of Spherus Magna.

I took a lot of time deciding which scenes I would build, and I also wanted all of them to be very different from each other. I wanted to accomplish that by building the scenes in very different scales:
One in minifigure scale, one in microfigure scale and the third one with brick-built figures.

360° view of the model and figures:

What’s in this model?:

Tahus arrival
In the time before time, on the mysterious island of Mata Nui six canisters washed ashore on a golden beach…
This is the very beginning of the Bionicle Legend. Our first scene is based on this very moment in the 2001 story. As the mighty Toa Tahu wakes up at the beach of Mata Nui, only remembering his name.
The scene is heavily inspired by the Mata Nui Online Game and features important landmarks like the great telescope, the charred forest and the stone sculptures used to symbolize Mata Nui and Makuta.
This model is built in microfigure scale and includes a microfigure version of Toa Tahu

Matoros Destiny
Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people — people he’s never met before, and who don’t know his name — can live…
Matoro using the Kanohi Ignika to reawaken Mata Nui in the 2007 storyline is one of the most serious and emotional moments in the Bionicle story. Matoro embraces his destiny and gives his life for the Matoran universe.
The scene is mostly inspired by the iconic panel of the comic “End of a Hero”.
The scene includes a Matoro minifigure, with printed Kanohi Ignika. The scenery is designed to look like the deeps of Mahri Nui, including some sea life like a Squid and a Jellyfish, similar to the 2007 system Bionicle sets.
In the background of the scene there are brick-built versions of the Kanohi Akaku and Kanohi Iden, the masks Matoro previously wore.

The final battle
Power surges threw my body out threw my metal fingertips and I begin the process of reuniting both moons with Bara Magna…
This scene depicts the final battle between Mata-Nui in the Prototype Robot and Makuta inside the Great Spirit Robot. The time for Mata Nui to fulfill his destiny and reunite Spherus Magna has come.
The build is mostly inspired by the “Mata Nui Saga” and “Journeys end” from 2010.
The scene includes brick-built versions of the Great Spirit Robot and the Prototype Robot, in a miniature scenery of Bara Magna. the scenery has some of Bara Magnas landmarks like the Black Spike Mountains and the village of Taijun.

The overall model
All these scenes are built on a rotating plate, so they can be shown from every side. The base of the model features inscriptions in matoran letters and the top shows the symbol of the three virtues.

Thank you all for looking at my build and please consider supporting it, so it may one day become a real Lego set.
Special thanks to Eljay Johnsen and Mesonak, for giving me some final advice!

My Twitter for future updates: @TheSokoda

Some more images!

Please considder supporting the project and sharing it around, every supporter is extremely appreciated



As probably everyone knows by now, the project was sadly rejected in the review.
I am allowed to release the files and decals publicly. I will also work on instructions.

I will put everything in this Google-Drive folder, once it’s done! [CLICK HERE]

By now this contains all the decals and renders of the project.

Update II:

The linked folder above now includes all the decals, renders, a PDF step-by-step instruction and the
Because I initially built this model in LEGO Digital Designer, then made some modifications in and rendered it. There were a couple of wrong connections and other little mistakes, which is why it took me longer to make the instructions. There might still be some little problems, but I think I fixed up most of it/everything I found.
The file also does not include the Minifigure-Masks, because I imported that piece into

The instructions and the file are for the original version of this model, which means that it has recolored and printed pieces that do not exist like this

A little bit of rules about the use of these:

Please do not use these in any way to make money with them or in another ideas project!




I’m down with this, logging into Idea’s as we speak.

Also, I very much like the teeny-tiny valley of the maze.


thank you very much for your support

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No problem. how many hours ago did you post this?

It went live a bit more than an hour ago


and, we’re at 60, including myself in about an hour. That’s promising.


you’ve absolutely blown my socks off

burgers and applause for you


This looks amazing! It’s too bad I don’t have a Lego Ideas account, otherwise I would definitely support this!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but that Matoro minifigure is fantastic!

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Thank you Risebell!

@TheCobaltCorsair, please cosider making an account, it’s really not that hard to do and I need every supporter I can get


If you remember your lego ID at all, that will work. That’s what my Idea’s account is.

So, the Lego ID account works for Lego Ideas?

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Yeah. Or at least mine does.


Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Bionicle’s release.

Awesome work!

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Good luck my dude. Good luck!

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Well… This is a perfect anniversary set! If this ever ends up becoming an official LEGO set, I would buy it day one, regardless of the price.

Good luck with the 10.000 supporters! I can almost guarantee that sooner or later, you will get there!


This looks so great! And I am impressed you’ve almost got almost 400 supporters and it wasn’t even a day since you posted it! Good luck! You’ll need it!

Actually, it’s 19, but I guess Sokoda figured it out the project will have to wait until 2020 for 10,000 supporters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

P.S. I would have liked Matoro to include the Tryna too


Yeah if this will become a real Lego set, it wont be out before 2020 or 2021.
Bionicle started in 2000 or 2001 depending where you live, so that’s my logic behind the anniversary thing!

P.S. I plan to add that in an Update


Supporter #540 present boss


Thank you

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I think you missed your chance to include the skrall shield into it.