The Legend of the Bionicle

In this topic, all we really do is talk about the lore of Bionicle G1 and G2! Share anything you may find interesting from Bionicle media and another member may learn something cool! This topic also discusses fan-fictions like alternate universes and stuff! I may reply to your guys' discussions, too. If I make this seem rather unprofessional somehow, let me know for I'm new to the TTV Message Boards! This is Hautaka signing out.


Speaking of fanfictions / alt universes I would have loved to see some mainstream representation of other forms. Maybe not movies but it wouldn't have been the first time g1 had made sets of unknown / not important characters.

As for g2 lore was one of the things it needed. We would have gotten makuta / other sets if Lego had put a fraction of the effort they put into Star Wars / system. I'm not an elite fanboy or something that hates everything except the original but g2 in its entirety just felt lazy to me.

Do we really need another one of those? Pretty sure there are topics covering all your points.

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I'm sorry. Have any links @MakutaTexxidos ? As I said, I'm new, and I can take any advice. Thank you, though!

I 100% agree @Khalsa721 . I do believe g1 is better than g2. Also, I LOVE the idea that g2 should've had sets of not well known characters. What about the rest of the Tohunga from MNOG? That would be cool.

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Oh why, of course.

We have whole literature section for that.

It's okey bud, it's just the fact that we have sections for all of this on the boards.

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Looks like I got some readin' to do! Thanks man!

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You do that little Johnny, You do that.

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