The legend revamped

Hey, nothing special just a quick revamp. He’s mainly just to test a few new parts and custom colours for Studio.


Quick recolour in the Titan Mata-Nui colours.

And just for a bit of fun a Toa/Glatorian version of Prototype Robot Mata-Nui.

As always all comments and feedback are very welcome.
Also credits for the parts and colours go to.
Turret3471 Pack
Galva Pack
Bio Pack
and a few of my own.

If I have missed anyone or if anyone knows any more skilled artists that have parts free for download then please let me know, I’m always looking for new parts.


it’s kool!
i like the way you built the arms!

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This is a pretty cool revamp! Where’d you get the prototype robot mask from?

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Thanks :slight_smile: Like I said just a throw together he’s mainly just a mish mash of parts from other mocs with new peices slapped on for testing haha

@SomeBionicleFan23 It’s one of Rothanak’s designs. It’s not in their parts pack yet so had to download it from their thingiverse and add it in using part designer. Prototype robot helm

Very cool moc.

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Love this but that one clipping area of the torso is rather distracting. Maybe make a custom piece of those two?
Very nice work anyways, the custom parts really do compliment the existing ones.

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Thanks, it actually is a custom piece. Sadly partDesigner is rather limited in what you can do about editing parts especially about erasing clipping parts, the eraser tool is a nightmare. I’m starting to learn how to use Blender to make parts like that flow a bit better though. Relearning how to 3D model isn’t a quick process though lol considering the last time I did it was about 12 years ago in a totally different program.
Give it time though and you will start seeing an improvement :slight_smile:

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Incredible moc! Love both models.

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These are fantastic! Not adding a few “Click bits” to the shield (and giving him a useless blaster) really hurt the official set. This guy looks like the manifest universe ready to kick some A.

Having said that, I prefer the light orange version for some reason. I’ve always wished the official set was gold, but now that I see these pics I’m somehow attached to the original colour? Weird! In any case, a superb revamp.

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Thanks :slight_smile: it’s funny right, the official set really didn’t feel like the manifestation of the character we had been hearing about as this mythical figure for so long.

As for the colours, that was honestly the biggest pain about this. I originally wanted the armor to be gold but recoloured it through every shade that studio has including custom ones and none looked right. I finally decided on the original colour scheme which Like you said just works well for him but I wanted to throw one gold render in there as a nod to the big boy set.

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