The Legends of Mythron (Basic storyline)

Mythron is a planet inhabited by anthro mythical creatures and humans that live along side each other in harmony, until a demon known as Darkus-Eclipse set to coat Mythron in an endless Darkness. When a brave warrior called Meditor used his 6 element abilities to defeat Darkus-Eclipse and put him in the Temple of Light found on top of Mt' Iceterra locked with 10 elemental keys: Fire, Water, Ice, Wood, Metal, Earth, Light, Dark and Time.

Finding the keys will unlock Darkus from his prison and he will turn Mythron in to a dark world where monsters and demons will rule the land nothing will grow nothing will live, no life will be on Mythron.

The 10 Keys are hidden in 10 relics which are on the 10 lands of Mythron get them and Darkus will rise once again.

(Well I hope you'll enjoy this little snip it from my Mythron story created using the Bionicle MOC's I'll be creating, stay tuned for more)

Only the Elements of Harmony hold the power to defeat Discord.

It seems very MLP inspired (I'm assuming on behalf of your username). Very interesting.

well yes and no I created Mythron way before I became a brony and I actually based they key part from X-Men Evolution

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There is actually a guy on MOC pages that uses the name Mythron in his story line.

my Mythron is different it has Anthro mythical creatures in it seeing this guys Mythron is medieval themed I'm going in to mythology plus his Mythron is an island mine is a planet