The LEGO Batman Movie Spoiler Policy?

So, I haven’t been able to find any talk about how spoilers will be handled, considering the staggered release dates, and I’d like to ask someone who is in the know as to when spoilers will be rife throughout the podcast and such, as well as to open it up to discussion for anyone else wondering.

For reference, the main release is 10th February, although the Australian release is 30th of March, and I assume there are several other released throughout that time.

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Most of the time, spoilers for movies have to be blurred out by using [ s ] (insert text here) [/s].

I’m not sure on how long until spoilers aren’t considered spoilers by TTV, but I’m guessing it’s after the DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

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Fair enough, I was moreso meaning with the videos. For example, should I avoid the podcast until April when the Movie’s out, or…?

Just make a PM to discuss it or use the spoiler tags and post it on the topic.


NZ release is April 10th, because school holidays are a thing.

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