The Lego Brickfilms Topic

Something that the Lego community often does is animate with Legos, making short films (or long films, in a few cases) called "brickfilms." It mostly happens with minifigures, but some people, called Biotubers, also make Bionicle-based brickfilms. As such, I felt a discussion topic for this would be necessary.

Me and my brothers got interested into brickfilming at one point of our lives... Although my second brother, who I will not refer to by name, brick-filmed more frequently than us. As such, let us discuss brickfilms and all their glory in recognition to the important part of the Lego fanbase that animates such great films!

One of my favorites is from the (currently) retired Eanimation, who made this comedic and well-done parody of Indiana Jones.


Awww maaaan I loved that video!

I want a platinum waffle now.

They are pretty crispy.

But this is a discussion on brickfilms in general, guys! C'mon! Let's discuss how awesome brickfilms are!

Ever seen Keshen8? Incredibly NSFW with the language and all but he animates quite well.

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Yes, I have. I respect some brickfilmers, but at the same time, some can be kinda dark with their stuff, or filled with cursing or adult jokes.


Brotherhood Workshop guys, who's seen 'em?


Ah, yes. Awesome animators. Clean, nicely made animations. Sometimes it's a little choppy, but still awesome.

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The Hobbit in 27 seconds, am I right? 'Twas great.

Didn't see that one...

Gotta love Brotherhood. Their sense of humor is great (I'm especially fond of the LOTR orc shorts).

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Me and my bro have made a few animations. This was the last gathering of animation we did in 2013.


Smooth animation, steady camera, good lighting. Congrats on this man!

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I want to make a Lego Star Wars interactive game sometime. But that requires a lot of planning. LOTS of it.


I am determined to give this video more than just 2,000 views. In memory of iBionicle at least.


In memory ?

He's still around.....

Everywhere except YT that is stuck_out_tongue

No he's been posting recently .

Yeah, but he said this could very well be his last video unless it goes viral. So I'm trying to make it viral stuck_out_tongue I know someone who knows him on FB.

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