The LEGO Group Discussion

From Lego’s near-death financial crisis, to Lego being the top toy company in the world, discuss what made the once small buisness owned by Ole Kirk Christiansen great, and try to post interesting facts about the company as a whole!

Try to stray away from Bionicle discussion though.

You can also post the latest news about current Lego themes.

Here’s a short but interesting article to kick things off


They just can’t keep up with them leaks


Yep. They are probably the leakiest faucet ever. Doesn’t help that the community is actively scouring whatever preliminary info/pictures they can dig up.

Remember the infamous Helicarrier leak?

Everyone went wild when this hit the net.


There’s only one leak that we remember

and you know perfectly well what that is


They have so many leaks I almost think it’s purposeful. I mean Bionicle? Oh my lord, talk about leaks.


They still continue to lose revenue.

This plunge also took a toll on worker since they had to let some go, aside from constraction, Lego inflation is killing there sales. Although TLNM has a great price-per-piece ratio, more people are inclined to purchase license theme despite cost more than usual, and the cost prevent some people to buy even more sets.

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That almost seems contradictory (which may be intentional), since SW Constraction is definitely inflated. And I thought that the RO figures did especially bad in sales, since they were selling as cheap as $3.