The Lego Movie 2, The Second Part

Again, I really liked the movie, and it’s my 2nd favorite LEGO Movie, those were just the things I would have personally changed.[quote=“ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, post:199, topic:44889”]
But no one really gets the LEGO references. They were expecting movie fans, not LEGO fans in the audience too. Not only this, but movie references everyone gets, not just the LEGO nerds or something. Fabuland was for us, and it was blatant, unlike two of the three references you mentioned from LEGO Movie

The first LEGO Movie had LEGO refrences at nearly every scene… So yeah, I would have liked if the movie had equally as much movie references and LEGO references… We have seen that with the original LEGO movie, and I was kinda disappointed that this wasn’t the case for this movie.

[quote=“LegoDavid, post:198, topic:44889”]
To be honest, Batman was the worst character in the entire movie. After giving him a semnificant role in the original LEGO Movie, and than Giving his own Batman movie, they clearly overused this character. Putting so much attention on him as he was the one that needed to marry Queen Watevra was kinda a dumb choice to be honest. They clearly have a fatigue for this character, and I think they should stop putting so much attention on him.
Now as for Queen Watevra, she was kinda annoying too. And the fact that she is just a pile of bricks with a face was also kinda dumb.
So yeah, Batman and the Queen were the most annoying characters in the movie… I guess they fit together good as married now…
[/quote] I’d say it’s a little too soon to not tag spoilers. I haven’t seen it


Oops… Sorry. I though everyone has seen it already…

Nah I usually see movies late, usually even wait for dvd or amazon rental. And I can’t be the only one

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Finally watched this recently, and I liked it! Wasn’t as good as the first. Not all the jokes landed with me. The whole “its all just a kids imagination” was a thousand times less subtle which I didn’t care for.

And I know the queen wasn’t supposed to be evil, and when you look at all the stuff she did you can say “oh, yeah I guess that wasn’t actually evil” which is fine. I think that twist worked pretty well. Except for the part where she blatantly manipulated Batman. That just doesn’t sit right with me.

Anyway, I liked it. It’s a perfectly fine addition to the Lego cinematic series. And I’m eager to see what the next film will be.

Also Bruce Willis is best Lego character

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I don’t personally think not referencing something is bad, imagine if you watched a Star Wars movie and it was filled with minor Star Wars references like Pruneface

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So recently Nick Vas tweeted some prototype:

Not only they name a mech after a toa, but people recently found a sketch of a minifig Takanuva as Rex partner.


Heh, that’s funny

God bless you, Nick Vas… But too bad that didn’t make it into the finished LEGO Movie 2…

I’m actually rather unsure if this would have worked. i don’t know, i just have the feeling like they would potentionally end up screwing up Takanuva’s character.

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with the twist of rex’s character that wouldn’t have worked without another twist about takunuva or outright ruining his established character. Plus he’d be outright massive in the film. So it’d be incredibly difficult to pull off well, not to mention being unnecessary clutter

So I’ve seen this news reacted to in a number of different ways on Tumblr. Mostly excited surpise for that he was even considered, or upset that he was cut. But I think there’s one very important thing we need to see here.

Lego hasn’t forgotten about Bionicle

This shows that they still clearly recognize how important the theme was and how much it ment to us, and are actually looking for ways to shown that. And personally I think that’s amazing.

Would I have prefered Takanuva not been cut? Of corse. His inclusion in the movie would have been amazing, and I’m sure the writers would have found a way to make it work.

Am I upset that he was cut? No. I still love the movie we got, and this doesn’t change that.

But what matters is that Lego still remembers, and they still care.


LEGO Movie 3, happen so that we can get this

I would argue that, only some of the designers haven’t forgotten about Bionicle. LEGO itself has.

The thought that we were so close to having Bionicle in the LEGO Movies 2 (and possibly even a few sets with it) and LEGO just ignored the chance just outrages me. If let’s say there was a set that included a Takanuva minifigure or something, let’s face it, it would have sold like hot cakes. But nope. They just can’t get over this fake mentality of theirs that Bonkles don’t sell.

I would have enjoyed the LEGO Movie 2 a million times more if Takanuva (or any Bionicle related content) was in it. But instead they gave us another generic LEGO Movie that was intended more for advertising than to be an actual movie.

@LegoDavid, why do you have to be so Negative?

would I like Takanuva in the Movie? yeah, but I’m I gonna cry because he got cut? nope,

because I still liked the Movie Either way

The retailers in my area that were still offloading Glatorian and Stars in 2011/2012 might have something to say to you…

I wholeheartedly disagree with you there. I rewatched TLM2 with @Waj @Political_Slime and @Calvatron during Brickfair Virginia last month. And it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It deconstructs gender norms and sibling dynamics in the same way the first movie tackled consumerism, company culture and controlling fathers. And don’t get me started on the visuals and music…

Out of curiosity @LegoDavid, do you have younger siblings? Because I’ve that simple fact to greatly affect how people view the film.


Can agree to that point. I first watched the movie with my little brother and we were able to see some similarities in our relationship to the one portrayed in the movie. It was a nice experience honestly.

And in my personal opinion, there really hasn’t been a bad lego movie.

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Although it was my 2nd favourite LEGO Movie after the original, I can’t really say it was brilliant. It has quite a few flaws (mainly the forced songs that were rather annoying than catchy). Though I am glad my low expectations I had for it weren’t meant, it still falls flat when compared to the original. Will I rewatch the original a few times more? Definitely. Will I rewatch the sequel? Not in the near future.

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Don’t you dare trash any song sung by Queen Watevra. I unironically adore both of them.

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Be very careful about phrasing opinions as facts. You found those songs to be irksome and “forced” most likely because they weren’t what you were expecting from the film (am I correct in that assumption?). That’s a comment about your personal subjective experience (which is perfectly valid and in fact very important when it comes to art criticism). However, those aren’t facts. And people spouting inflammatory opinions phrased as facts is becoming a really serious problem in online communities (for example, my friend Ryan/MandR does this occasionally and I see fights break out in his comment sections).

Perhaps it doesn’t match the novelty of TLM 1. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have unique and complex themes/ideas that are worth exploring.