The Lego Movie 2, The Second Part


What you don’t know

Some people move on
But not us


Yeah but look RECENTLY

That’s probably cos ttv has moved away from bionicle and those that were here for bionicle lost interest, like me for example.

Then why are you still around here?

Because Bioncle is ending, the only Bonkle show on TTV currently, is system bionicle

I mean, Eljay has his reviews.

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System bionicle, what I was talking about

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I’m not, just got some emails after asking if bionicle was in the Lego movie 2.

LEGO Ninjago Movie did tease a LEGO Bionicle Movie…

I’m not saying get excited, I’m saying don’t lose hope in Bionicle’s relevance.

Were was that? I don’t remeber anything Bionicle-related in the movie.

There was apparently a theater with the showing of “The LEGO Bionicle Movie.”

Can you please show me somehow a image or something?

1: it was the Batman movie, not the ninjago movie.
2: it said “THE BIONICLE MA–” (I’m not sure of they show the full thing, I’ve heard it says “THE BIONICLE MAN”, but I can’t find any pictures to verify this. Regardless, the second letter is definitely an A)



best scene of TLBM


Lol, I never knew of that cameo… And seeing it make an appearnce in the Batman movie is a bit strange, considering how it would have been more likely to appear in the Ninjago Movie…
So, it seems that there is still some hope…

“The Bionicle Man” is probably a reference to “The Six Million Dollar Man”, a TV show about an astronaut who had some sort of accident and got rebuilt with bionic cybernetics. So it’s probably less “hey, let’s find a way to shout out Bionicle” and more “hey, what movies can we spoof using Lego references.”


Really? because we Got the the Community to keep it alive! and probably doing things better then what Lego can do!

and even thought I would like to see a LEGO Bionicle Movie (if they actually do it) I’m fine with what the Community is doing right now

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After waiting soooo much, I was finally able to watch the movie, so I guess it’s time to give my full thoughs on it.
So first I need to say that the movie was a lot better than I expected. It’s actually my 2nd favorite LEGO movie after the original. I had low expectations from it, but I am glad they were not met.
But as with any movie, I personally had some major problems with it:

  1. Annoying Characters.
    To be honest, Batman was the worst character in the entire movie. After giving him a semnificant role in the original LEGO Movie, and than Giving his own Batman movie, they clearly overused this character. Putting so much attention on him as he was the one that needed to marry Queen Watevra was kinda a dumb choice to be honest. They clearly have a fatigue for this character, and I think they should stop putting so much attention on him.
    Now as for Queen Watevra, she was kinda annoying too. And the fact that she is just a pile of bricks with a face was also kinda dumb.
    So yeah, Batman and the Queen were the most annoying characters in the movie… I guess they fit together good as married now…

  2. The movie was no longer fresh.
    So yeah, the whole concept was not as new as with the first LEGO movie, and many things we have seen already, this being the main flaw with most people.

  3. Forced Songs.
    Ok, honestly, felt like the songs were kinda forced… The movie could have worked perfectly without them. And to be honest, they were kinda annoying to me…

  4. Lack of cameos\refrences
    The movie had plenty of camoes, but most of them were only things that most audience will understand rather than those LEGO fans will understand. The first LEGO movie had camoes at almost every second… You had Johnny Thunder, Lloyd, even Bionicle! But this movie kinda lacked that. Sure, we did get the Fabuland Cameo which was great, but other than that, it kinda dissapointed me here. It’s odd how they trew in a Matrix refrence rather than a LEGO refrence…

So, in the end, those problems I mentioned were not really that big. The movie could have probably been improved, but, it was good as it is. It’s a worthy sequel to the LEGO movie, and as I have said already, it’s my second favorite LEGO movie after the original.
I think that the Twist was great, and the message too was great… Those two things were probably the best about the movie for me.
As a final score, I think I am going to give it a 8\10

I am very curious to see what LEGO movies they would make next.

I loved Queen Watevra

It made sense with the story and was used very creatively.

Like what? It explored the universe some more, gave room for more theories, built up a complete new galaxy, and made everything more complete. Of course it isn’t as new as the first LEGO Movie, it’s a sequel. It’s not a new world, but more to the same. There isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s like introducing Voya Nui in Bionicle. And Metru Nui, Mahri Nui, Bara Magna, and, as a whole, Spherus Magna.

I can’t stand most musicals. They take away from the plot, allowing less time devoted to the story. This is why I don’t like The Greatest Showman.

However, I have a complete different view for the LEGO Movie 2. I was very skeptical walking in, but during, I admitted that I actually liked it. The songs were not only good songs, as my friends and I all agree, but they were funny and enjoyable (I’ve added both of Queen Watevra’s songs to my playlist). If this movie counts as a musical, it’s one of my favorite musicals yet.

But no one really gets the LEGO references. They were expecting movie fans, not LEGO fans in the audience too. Not only this, but movie references everyone gets, not just the LEGO nerds or something. Fabuland was for us, and it was blatant, unlike two of the three references you mentioned from LEGO Movie.