The Lego Ninjago Movie character lineup

So I finally finished this after a couple weeks of working on it. About 60 percent of the way through the only .tiff file I had of this drawing decided to merge all of the layers after I restarted my laptop, so drawing Jay, Cole and Zane was a lot harder. Nevertheless, I got it done. And just in time for the movie, too!


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A splendid iteration of the cast, I kinda feel awkward thinking the ninjas looks more like their original series design (probably because the hair isn’t “bigger” enough, but thats not an issue).


Looks awesome! Reminds me a lot of your original ninjago stuff.

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Wow, these look amazing! Fantastic work.

Awesome. Love your artwork, and this one is no different. What drawing program do you use?

Thank you! And I use Sketchbook Pro.

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Thank you! I hav been waiting for someone to do this. They all look great. I do think you could’ve made Zane look a little more robotic, but he’s fine either way.

I tried to make him as robotic as possible while also making him look like a “normal teenager.” Hence the C-3P0 pose and the eyes.

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Excellent work!

Garmadon’s lazer has been miniaturized for sneak attacks

Seeing stuff like this always makes me wish there was a Ninjago show in this style – more realistic, rather than minifigures. Oh well

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Or, like, maybe an anime?

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Not bad. Not bad at all. Though I think Garmadon could use some sort of facial hair. I know he doesn’t actually have any, but his human face just looks weird without it. Maybe a fu manchu?

This is.


I highly anticipate your future projects.

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Thank you!

@Willess12 I kind of wish Studio Mir did their own interpretation of Ninjago, like they did with Elves.

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These look fantastic.

I’ve got to say, Cole’s giving me some real Donald Trump vibes. These are all really great.
*By the way, that’s not a political statement, I just think that he shares the President’s skin-tone, expression, and facial structure. Actually, looking at it again, it reminds me of a combo of Trump and the Karate Kid.

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Nice job on humanized the main cast of The Lego Ninjago Movie, so can you also humanized version of the Lego Movie and Lego Batman Movie castes, too?


Ok, can I just be honest for a second. I found your Deviantart page like 3 years ago looking for Ultra Agents art, and you kinda inspired me to get a Deviantart in the first place.


Thank you, but I probably won’t be humanizing the Lego Movie and TLBM. I don’t really have any interest in drawing the Lego Movie characters and Batman…well I’d just be drawing Batman.

Thank you! Glad I could inspire you!

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