The LEGO Ninjago movie MOC. Kai's Blazing Breaker

after the lego ninjago movie trailer was released i decided to build what i thought kai’s blazing breaker might look like in set form.


Yo, this is so dope. Everything looks great and looks like the mech from the movie. Good job.

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thanks man!

Nice, it really does resemble the real deal, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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From what I’ve seen of it in the trailer, this looks like a fairly accurate attempt at capturing the look of it.

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here is it in action!

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You build mostly lego Mecha and dragons? Amazing.

Anyways, as I’ve yet to see the trailer, which I will in a couple minutes, can’t really say much except it’s pretty cool and I need to watch the trailer.

Well that was quick :^)

Looks great my dude

There are so many giant mechs in the movie!!!

Looks nice. However seeing a 100% accurate Kai much would be awesome. But this is still pretty good.


yah. i REALLY wish i had the parts to do that.

100% accurate would most likely require some sort of technic frame, as it’s quite large.


Holy cow you did an amazing job! It’s been like less than a week!


I believe this is the 3rd biggest set in the wave… don’t quote me on that but I hope it looks like this!

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