The Lerahk

Ah, finally, a place to post this (other than BZP)!

So, this is my dramatized, "updated" take on the Lerahk breed of Rahkshi. I added my own little quirks to it, e.g. a tongue, "ribs", and a tail (the tail went a bit far, I'll admit stuck_out_tongue ). Take note of the dangling vines/plant threads hanging from it's back spikes, staff, etc. and the the leaf tendrils hanging from the arms - I wanted to make it seem like it had just burst forth from the jungle. Yes, the style is a bit messy, but that's just generally my style - plus, it works well for the Rahkshi, making it seem gritty and dark.

Hope you guys enjoy, and please, critique it!

Made on normal paper with ink pens and colored pencils.
(Never use ink pens)


Close up:


~My brain when it saw this picture.

This looks very cool. I like the spikes on the armor as well as the snake-ish features on the head. Just very good-looking overall.
P.S. More...?
P.P.S Please...?

smile Thanks! It took me a few hours to make, but was incredibly worth it.

More, huh? I have a bunch of Bionicle drawings from my past I can upload if you wish, but they're nowhere near as good as this one. I am planning on making more drawings in the future, though stuck_out_tongue
One I'm currently working on is of my spokesperson - Jakura. wink

2 Likes really good. Well done, well done. Never knew you could draw that well. Puts me to shame.

stuck_out_tongue Thanks, Ranger!

P.S. Wait till you see my artwork in an upcoming Transformers animation on TFW2005 wink


First I've heard of this animation.

I'll PM you about it.

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Now Lerahk is even more of a contributor to ecology.

Thanks, I think...

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Epic. His serpentine appearance really represents his power very well.

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Congrats. Your awesome art earned you a Nice Post Badge!


That looks cool.

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HA I love it smile

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