The "Let's Build Overlord Makuta" Topic

@ThatchMac, @randomdude, @RAKRONDEWL, I will have to drop by work tomorrow anyways, so I will have a quick look at both models.

@ThatGuyAtTheEndOfTheRoad, awesome job on these designs. They look great!


Senpai Noticed Me.


The staff cloth looks great but the holes need to be a little closer;)


Fixed It

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I’m not going to start building my Makuta until I see someones build the model with the stickers and capes. Same with the shapeways MoUP.

Can We Get A Set List?

Do you mean a pieces list?


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If you have LDD you could use the file I posted earlier to export an instant list; all pieces that are not found in LDD are also listed in the description and comments.

If you do not have LDD I am unsure how to share the info with you because I can’t find a place that supports documents such as pdfs.

I just realized something on the chest piece. The purple on the chest looks more blue and scuff marks look look turquoise. Also the symbol is suppose to be smaller and a bit tilted. (I would show the image but I can’t seem to copy and paste on flickr)

Here is one of the photos, hope it helps.

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somebody make the skull image with a transparent background

I don’t have access to any kind of photo editing program. Hopefully someone else will do it.

Do you want my original or new one?

New One
EDIT: has anyone started using the stickers yet? if not, make sure to use this version

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I was unable to smooth out the edges without a background but since you will be shrinking it, it shouldn’t matter. Hope it helps.

LOL, you can’t see but it’s there.

I can’t see it.

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Yeah, I saw that to, it is there but white doesn’t seem to show up.

Here is an update on my version of the sticker.

Now I just have to add the damage.

how are you going about making the overlord makuta?

ALMOST DONE! Just gotta wait for my Bricklink order to come and I’m gonna buy a Technic set.

@dragologer I’m justing using Toothdominoes’ newest photos of the construction as well as the other photos above in the first post.