The "Let's Build Throne Makuta" Topic

oh noes those cape prints are alternate! ill be off to make them!

Actually, the Makuta on the throne of skulls, which is not this one, had the MOCr. That Makuta was only shown in the video and had pearl gold vorox armor and SW shins.

what about brawler makuta? are we going to make him?

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what makuta is that?

the smallest one with the wrist blades.

@Asriel, Hey people, I am sorry for the late response. I am currently super busy, last 2 times, I took the pictures, edited them and sent them off for approval in my spare time, which I currently do not have much of.

I hope this is not too disappointing.


Nah man, you’ve already done enough. You didn’t disappoint anyone, we are just thankful you’ve been here. To be honest we’ve been asking a lot of you and you have been very patient and gracious.

Plus, I don’t need to go on Bricklink and kill my wallet for a while now.


I have no problems with waiting, everyone is free to do whatever they want with their time


Huh… I may (@ThatchMac maaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy) try to make that, we’ll see. Seems fairly simple to make.


does anyone know someone named @umarak on these forums?

Yeah, he’s @Jack.

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That’s me, why?

It’s TOO late for this but anyone tried to build this fellow?

Yes, almost a dozen people have. Look on youtube there are several reviews.

Nice joke. I didn’t find anything

guys remember this topic was to build this guy,

so he is right, nobody actually built it


Oops, nevermind. Misread which topic I was in.

I also misread the topic, apologies.

Oh I see, I don’t want to be annoying at this, but is there any chance to get more pictures from different angles?

The intern who built that desperately needs to be promoted to lead designer, because THAT is what the Bionicle aesthetic is truly all about! :stuck_out_tongue: