The "Let's Build Throne Makuta" Topic

the tittle explains pretty much everything, we are trying to build this beast

the community has already made overlord makuta:

and the journey to one makuta:

it’s time to try and build this one, but we don’t have many pics right now


Are you gonna ask Toothdominoes for better photos? That dude is a saint.

yeah I already did, I am waiting for him to answer

Possible the most difficult one considering it uses the size 6 trans-purple shell and other recolors.

Oh good. When I get home I’ll start prototyping. If we are able to finish it, I’ll review it.

We’ll probably be trying to make an as accurate version as possible, replacing the recolors with actual pieces we have.

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knowing that it has gold on it’s colorscheme we could replace the gunmetal chima shoulder pads for gold ones, as for the trans-purple size 6 shell we could just use black ones

It’s kinda funny. The only one without the MoUP uses other nonexistent parts.


I’m trying to figure out what the heck those pieces on his waste are. There like two black things that look like they are meant to emulate a waste skitrt. But I have NO idea what they are!

Any ideas?

onua’s chest plate without prints or you mean these

which came in the kylo ren constraction set

or you mean the ones on the side? in that case I do not know the answer

I just noticed, if he is standing up right he would look ugly, his body is way too short for those long legs

No I meant the pieces next to the legs. Similiaer to the gold wings the Overlord has on his waste.

And I’m not sure he would look “ugly” we can’t say until he’s built.

not ugly, but… what’s the word…


maybe those pieces are the ones used on this moc? made by @Bionic.T.B
or a shorter version of them?

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I’m thinking they could be part of the chair, but I’m not 100% on that.

Also, exactly what did you ask Toothdominoes for?

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well I asked for more pics of the model, you could try and ask it yourself

Ok. I’m just worried more pics could mean no deconstructed photos of it and just like a 360 of the model on the throne or something.

Thanks for asking though.

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Now this is something I would build.


I attempted to build his arm and, a-, well were gonna need more photos.

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I would just like to point out that there are 2 different throne makutas actually. They are actually pretty similar though, different shells and colors in some place are the main difference.


I think the second one looks better tho


I predict this one will be the most difficult.