Trying to build the Throne Makuta

My 9 year old and I have spent this year building the Shadow Titan, Brawler, and Overlord Makuta. We would love to build the Throne Makuta. There are no videos, no instructions, nor parts lists that we can find. We did find out that the intern who created and built the Throne is Andreas Jensen. We’ve tried our best to reach him without success. Can ANYONE help us? Thank you, Ben and Barry


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Care to include a picture of the model in question?

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Here’s a picture of the Throne Makuta


It’s been tried here before, but it never got far:

Note that the above topic is mostly dedicated to the “smoother” Throne Makuta, but they’re pretty similar, and some progress was made on both.


you did?

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Yes and thanks for your response. We were just hoping that someone had quietly figured out how to build the Throne Makuta, or even more unlikely might know or know about Andreas Jensen who is as far as we can tell the only person on earth who has the information about the Throne necessary to build him.
Thanks again for your thoughts.

gold vorox armor…

drooling intensifies


that piece doesn’t exist in that color does it?

That piece (the Throne Makuta) doesn’t exist in any color. It only existed briefly in or about 2016. That’s why are are longing to figure out how to build it.

i think he was talking about the gold armor piece