The Levokah

On one fateful day on the planet of Atmos Magna, the Great Being known as Ezru appeared and changed the face of the planet forever. He fought and killed the airlord Gringat with his elemental powers, splintering Gringat's soul into millions of pieces. Those pieces became the Cyclonoids, or as the Akonians call them, Levohkah.

The planet became destabilised after Gringat's death, the atmosphere whirling into a massive, chaotic storm. Riding through the storm were the Levohkah, mindlessly ripping apart anything they came into contact with, living or no. The cities of the planet were reduced to ruin in only a few weeks, and those akonians that survived were forced deep into underground vaults.

Cyclonoids are similar in appearance to the Levokah created by Toa of Air, though they maintain a much more jagged appearance. Like the Makuta, all cyclonoids share an affinity for metals, which are superimposed over a cyclonoid's essence like armour. They will fight each other for the tiniest scrap of it.

Despite not being truly living, cyclonoids posess a society of a sort, worshipping the largest and most metal-heavy of their kind and berating (sometimes even consuming) the smallest and weakest. They even have a language(ish), of a sort, made up of barks, whispers, screams and the clashing of metal plates.

Cyclonoids often act as metal scavengers, ploughing through the ruins of cities or crashed ships for more parts to adorn themselves with, though when living beings are nearby they will quickly form squadrons and attack en masse. They have been known to dismantle crashing ships before they even hit the ground or burn up in the atmosphere.

Another tablescrap. This one's from a couple years ago made with limited parts; Breakout Breez, Rocka, XT4 and set 9390 Mini Tow Truck (for teh tecknicks). The pictures are linked directly from MOCpages, so let's see how well it goes....



This is pretty cool, I like its overall stature and it has a pretty unique silhouette when compared with your typical 4 legged creature. Another great moc in my opinion

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Nice work here, I definitely agree with @The_Owl about the silhouette. The tubes are a bit strange, but I think they work. I really like all of the spiky details, and the head is seriously cool.

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That trans hero faceplate really works well for an alien insect bot like this. Really nice!

This guy looks fantastic. How in the world did you get the body built?


I remember seeing this on DeviantArt. For such a small MOC it sure looks fantastic.

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@Leoxandar If you have LDD, you can download a set of building instructions under "building instructions" here!


This is really cool, I love the head, and the tubes look pretty amazing. Good job! :smile:

I like its tripod legs. :smile: Ialso like its head and pincers. Good job!

The way you added in the spiky accents just made this on of the most beautiful Mocs around

Super cool moc you got here, very creative. Love the trans-green, great backstory, overall amazing moc. Great job.

It has four legs :wink:

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lol it does

Must say, it looks rather interesting. I especially like what you did with the head, very nice.