The LGBTQ+ Community Topic

Surprised to see this topic hadn’t existed yet and so many of y’all are so supportive of each other, Maybe there’s hope for humanity after all.

Not even a part of the LGBTQ+ community but I hard agree.


On a personal note, I’m getting some progress on my transition. I called Planned Parenthood to try and schedule an appointment to try and start hrt. Unfortunately they’re completely booked up from now till the next month. However I got a chart set up so they’ll be able to more easily access my info, and the woman I talked to recommended a better date for me to call when their upcoming schedule opens up.

So it’s not exactly ideal, but it’s still progress! And I’m really excited about it!


I was a bit worried that there would be some backlash to this topic when it was first made, but so far everything has been super positive! I’m glad that people are sharing their experiences and all that stuff. I’m not a part of the community myself, but I know a few people who are, and seeing that there are so many types of people on the boards is great.

facial hair that grows beneath the nose: not good

facial hair that grows above the nose: good


Any you’d be comfortable sharing?

Some things I’m aware of:

As mentioned before, I have no desire to wear “girl clothes”. I don’t care for how they look, on others even.
I’m sure someone could purport that I’ve been influenced by my friends. But no one has tried to convince me to be trans, or said I should be. This topic is the first time I have spoken of even the idea of me being trans to anyone but myself.


Well I’m really glad that I’ve created a space where you feel comfortable enough to talk about yourself. It makes me really happy to know that through my actions, others are able to open up like this.

As for the misconceptions, there are a few I can remember off the top of my head.

For one my mom couldn’t get past the fact that I was coming out at 19, when she was convinced that trans people somehow knew all their life that something was wrong, and I never acted like that. I never “Showed any signs”

Both my parents were afraid that my trans friends somehow talked me into it. Which was particularly insulting because 1. That’s obviously not how it works, and 2. They acted like I wasn’t thinking for myself. Like I would let others dictate who I am and wasn’t seriously thinking things through.

And my dad especially treated the whole thing like I was making a misguided choice. He would talk to me and say he thought I was just confused, and that this came from me being lonely. (Romantically speaking. Mind you I realized I was trans not too long after a really tough break up)

Thankfully they’ve both moved past anything like this. But it was still really frustrating and irritating to put up with at the time. And that also doesn’t mean everything is perfect. But at least they’ve both accepted that this is who I am, and nothing is going to change about it. (Even if my dad still doesn’t really know how to handle it)


oh no, they found me out


All you did was shout at me and call me an egg. Don’t go trying to take all the credit.

I have incredibly exciting news!!! After multiple calls to Planned Parenthood and lot of patience, I finally have an appointment scheduled to star hrt! I’m so excited!!!


That’s awesome!


Thanks! I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be taking this next step, and getting closer to really being happy with myself.


That’s awesome, I love that for you! I hope it brings you great happiness!

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Nice, good luck with it.

knew it