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Yikes. That’s terrible. Again I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ll never understand how a parent could hate their own child just for wanting to be themselves.

and on top of that I have impossible standerds (anime girl looks)

That I definitely get. Unrealistic transition goals is a problem that plagues many. Myself included.

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I tried casually mentioning trans people to my dad the other day. He proceeded to rant about “guys wanting to wear girls clothes, use girls bathrooms, play in girls sports”. He somehow managed to pick all the things that don’t apply to me:

  • I don’t like how “girl clothes” look, and have no desire to wear them. At best, I could see myself wearing a dress once just to satisfy my own curiosity, but I like what I regularly wear.
  • I don’t even like public restrooms. I avoid them as much as possible anyway, and when I have to use one, I go in, get done, and leave. I don’t want to talk to anyone or even look at them. Heck, I’m more happy if no one else is there.
  • I don’t do sports, unless you count Karate, which is quite a bit different. Plus, most of what I do now is teach other people. When we spar, I’m not trying to win, but to help them learn how to win.

I tried this yesterday, thinking I might have a similar experience. What actually happened was, uh… well, bear with me as I try to explain this.

I look at my own image and I can’t stand it, I see a person I don’t want to be, even though I can’t put a finger on why (but it was worse when I had facial hair, much worse). There’s a reason I avoid my reflection – I see it and think “I can’t stand that that is me.”

But when I saw my face morphed to a girl one, it still felt wrong. I thought it was just that it still looked so much like me, but that wasn’t it. The issue was that some part of my brain was cognizant of the fact that “this isn’t real” and refused to accept it as reality. I look at it and can only see what I don’t look like. It wasn’t that it didn’t feel right, it was that I knew it wasn’t real.

It took me realizing that, and thinking to myself “what if it was? What if this wasn’t an image edited by a computer, but the face I saw in the mirror?” to finally get past it, to see an image of myself that didn’t feel wrong.

I don’t know if I would describe it as “euphoria”, but rather, I don’t hate it like I do my current image. It’s like… being punched in the face vs. not being punched in the face. There’s nothing fun or wonderful about not being punched in the face, it’s just better than the alternative. That’s how it is for me.

By the way, have you started on this yet?


I think I understand the idea. Sounds like a rough predicament, but at least it’s an improvement.

Blah. Just spitting out all the same, tired, overblown transphobic ideas I’ve already heard a thousand times before. What really bugs me is how people think someone would be willing to go through all the trouble of transitioning, all the pains of redefining who you are and facing horrible discrimination for it. All just so you can cheat at sports or peep on girls in the bathroom. The first is just a ridiculous idea outright, and the second doesn’t even happen in the first place.

I have! I’ve been taking hrt for a whole month as of a couple days ago. I’ve already noticed mild breast development, as well as some other smaller effects. And overall I feel like I’ve been a lot happier since I started.


Hey :slight_smile: Didn’t see this topic haha I’m Gay non binary femboy so yay for community :slight_smile:


I have recently came out as non binary so i thought i may as well post here


Awesome! Good on ya.

In a bit of personal news, I finally got a new name tag for work! I really hope it’ll help reduce the constant misgendering I get from customers. But even if it doesn’t, it still feels nice to have.


Wait Safeway still exists?


Sure does. Been working there for a little over three years now. Good job. Stressful at times, but it’s gratifying. Though with rumors of a potential merger with Fred Meyer coming in a few years, it may not last too much longer.

To get back to the topic, I had my three month follow up appointment for my hrt. I’ll need to go into a clinic when I have the time to get some labs done. Hopefully it’ll all turn out well.


so I know this is going to sound really bizarre but I was browsing Wikipedia earlier and subsequently realised that I’m definitely bisexual

so there’s that


Hell yeah! Bi pride! Wouldn’t be the weirdest awakening I’ve ever heard of. Everyone finds out in their own ways and in their own times.