The Lich King




the entire moc seems like a basic CCBS moc, with just a broader torso, which does not help.


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I’m not too good at mocing, I made this and thought of sharing it

It’s the Lich King and the actual creation is pretty basic and far from what it is inspired by. You have huge place for improvements.

4/10 for me.

It’s not bad. Maybe if you made the horns a bit shorter and bullked him up a bit, it would work a little better. That being said, I’m no WoWC expert by any means, I just looked up a picture. Overall, it looks good.

####Edited title for spelling :) - Jack the nightmare fuel snowman

Looks pretty lit

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Basic but nice sword.

Not feeling the Lich vibe.
Just a basic Skull villain with lengthy proportion to my eyes.

Buddy, I think you might be bending the sword a bit. This guy is… meh.

All my swords come bent in the box ;-;