The Light, The Dark, and The Machine

The Light

The Dark

The Machine


Not entirely sure what these are, but I like it!

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I don’t know what I’m looking at but I like it.

These are obviously very cool magic Demogorgon children.

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They all look great except the last one.

They look straight out of Horizon Zero Dawn, which is a great thing!


These are some of the weirdest looking MOCs i’ve seen, but they’re still good.

Yep, that’s exactly what I thought as soon as I saw these MOCs

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These are all very well made! Awesome!

Wow! These are fantastic. The Machine is my favourite though The Dark look great too; they look so alien and give me a John Carpenter’s The Thing vibe - except mechanical instead of fleshy.

These look amazing! The light creature reminds me of Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender.