The Linkin Park appreciation topic!

As many of you know, Linkin Park is my all time favorite band of all time, and I always recommend them to fellow friends. whether you consider them hard rock or alt. metal, they have made an impact on music for better or worse. discuss away!


TFW I’ve only listened to a couple of their instrumentals and found only one or two that I found interesting

we… already have this…


Anyway I really like the Reanimation remixes, and I don’t mind their music

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do we really? I looked for it and didn’t find anything. sorry…

@Tab I don’t agree, but you have your appeals man, and yes, chester has a godly talent, even live…

Linkin Park is not my cup of tea, though I understand the appeal. The music video for Breaking the Habit is nice and the lead vocalist has impressive lung capacity, too bad I find the music bland.

I used to listen to them all the time, then I grew up started finding them bland.

I still go back and listen to some songs now and then.

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if you found it bland, I would look into their new album, its pretty beast…

Linkin Park is my all-time favorite band. But unlike a lot of people I am more a fan of their latest albums, like A Thousand Suns, Living Things and Hunting Party.
And a new Fort Minor single is also great.

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Linkin Park is great; I’ve loved them for a long time now. In fact, I think it was Biotube that introduced me to them.

Their albums have some very different feels, but I like at least some of the songs in all of them. Meteora and Hybrid theory have a sound that I liked a lot back in the day, although I seldom listen to them anymore.(still great songs, just a tad bit burnt out. ATS and Living Things were and still are hit or miss albums for me. The best songs in them are usually kind of obscure; I’ll be gone, In my remains, Skin to bone, Until it breaks, Kings and Wretches and songs like that I enjoyed. The Catalyst, Castle of Glass, Burn it down, etc. were kind of meh, however.

I freakin’ loved The Hunting Party. There’s only one or two songs in there I don’t enjoy.


My friend

That basically sums up my thoughts on LP

Although I think I went through the teenage angst stage when I was 10 or 11, and have kinda grown out of those kinds of songs, I really still enjoy Linkin Park a lot. Especially the new album. It has a lot of really interesting sounds and they have a good feel to them.

This topic is crawling in my skin.
Linkin Park is one of my guilty pleasures.


why a guilty pleasure, rise?

Because I’m too smooth for edgy music 8D


sorry, wasn’t aware lol

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How are you smooth and edgy!!! thats not even physically possible!!!

I’m okay with them.
I don’t follow them or anything.
I just really liked Castle of Glass so I ended up getting the whole album…

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so it seems to me that most of you feel very meh towards them…oh well, each man to his own I guess…

He is Risebell
He defied all logic to make the impossible possible.


My arm has been amputated by edge.
Doesn’t hurt though.



I dug out the Hybrid Theory CD out of the back of my dad’s GIANT CD collection and I listened to it. Two days later I bought the deluxe version of the album on iTunes and I especially like this song

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