The Lion King (2019)

So, I’m sure everyone here either knows about or has seen this, but since the trailer is here, I thought it merited a topic:


I was afraid this might eventually happen. The live action remake of what is arguably Disney’s biggest and most classic films. I’m sure it’ll probably be a shot for shot remake with some minor differences like Beauty and the Beast was. I doubt it’ll be bad, but this is just so unnecessary. The original Lion King was such a masterpiece of a film. What good is there in remaking it?


I dunno.

I haven’t seen the first one, so I don’t know what to expect.
But it seems like a lot of people are remaking older movies.
Mary Poppins, and now this, and the Grinch?
I hope it’s good.

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So far they remade in live action:

Maleficent (pretty much a live action Sleeping Beauty)
Jungle Book
Beauty and the Beast

The Lion King will be a great addition. I am not sure if is going to change the plot of the original a little bit like in the case of Jungle Book, or will they just straight up remake it as in the Case of Beauty and the Beast. I can’t wait for this movie!

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Something you really need to fix. Lion King was the number one animated box office success for years, and it was for a good reason.


I’ll see what I can do.

This is the animal kingdom
don’t go twaords the darkness
Don’t go towards the darkness
Our kingdom is only what the light touches

get it? Becuase Donald Glover’s in this?
even though he doesn’t play Mufasa so this joke doesn’t work

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If I’m going to be perfectly honest, I am kinda excited to see this when it comes out. Mainly just to see what they do with it. Even if there aren’t any differences to the original, The Lion King was still amazing, so I can’t see much of a way they’d downgrade this one.


I don’t think I will go to see this one in theaters, but it looks cool.

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Disney wants to keep it’s charm that made it what it is today by revisiting their most successful movies, this time in live action. To be honest, I would rather have a straight re-make rather then have the whole plot change, like in the case of Jungle Book.

I have heard that a Mulan live action remake is set to realise in 2019 or 2020, but I am not sure if it’s true or not.


I’ve also heard rumors of a Lio and Stitch remake, which I’m honestly terrified of. Its the kind of movie that good or bad, I don’t think needs to exist.

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I heard of a Mulan movie also comming soon.

My thoughs on those we have trailers for now:
Dumbo: Seems to far away from the plot of the original movie. While it’s an iconic animated movie, I don’t think is the best choice for a remake. I can see it being a fail.
Aladdin: this one look good, I see it being as good as Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.
Mary Poppins: Never seen the movie, don’t know anything about it, unfoartently…

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Disney, why are you making all these remakes?!

I am not so excited about this, just a live action lion king, which isn’t such a thing for me. I want to see it though, I’m not saying that it would be bad. I don’t think Disney has to make all theses things. I’m pretty sure they’ll do a 101 Dalmatians live action soon as well, which is such a good movie…

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As I said in the Mary poppins 2 topic, I like the live action remakes

I’d like to quote Jogn here:

This movie has literally no reason to exist.

“But Willess, what about the Jungle book?”

Well, I would’ve said almost the same about the Jungle book before it came out. As it turned out, though, they turned an okay movie into a great movie. This is already a great movie. There’s not really much to improve upon.

This movie should not be made.



It would be basically the Detective Pikachu of Disney, if they decide to include more experiments.


The original movie only had 626, so I doubt it.

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Yes, but the other experiments were sooooo awesome!
I was obsessed with Lilo and Stich when I was young. Don’t judge me.


I have not seen the actual movie, but the TV show was awesome…

There was a TV show?

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