The Lone Wanderer (V2)

Here is the new and improved Lone Wanderer

You may wonder how is he different well i will show you.
Now as you can see he has a tail. This was just me thinking i had to add a bit more ARMour (hahahahahahhah). So i wanted to add another weapon to but how, well a scorpion tail felt right to me.

Critisism is welcomed. Since i suck at moccing. XD.


Fantastic. Very fearsome looking with those extra arms. It's height shoulder width gives it a hulking presence. But then you flip the script by making him a crawling creature too!

I think the only recommendation I would have would be to somehow work in the slightest bit of accent colors. I think you can do that to make the build pop a little more, while still keeping the consistency of an "all-black" character.

Okay, do you think trans red would look good?
Like spread along the arms, legs, and torso (Maybe tail)?

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I love trans-red with black, especially if you've got a bright light for the pics because it really shimmers if you get the right angle.

But I think almost any color would look good. Since he's a Toa of electricity, maybe some trans yellow to look like lightning?

Okay, but he isnt a toa nor does he control electricity.

Oh sorry dude. I read your username and confused it for the name of the MOC lol. My bad.

So as a Lone Wanderer, I think just about any color would go well. Except probably orange or bright yellow. I wonder how a dark green or even purple would look?

I really like the way you used of the Inika torso!

He looks really good. Nice job

looks super spooki, pretty cool

You meant to say