The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

I just got these at a thrift store I found.

The things were:
Jet force Gemini for the nintendo 64
Pokemon red for gameboy
Super Mario Land for gameboy
Dr Mario for Gameboy
A super Gameboy for the Super nintendo
LEGO set 673 Rally repair grew complete with all stickers, the instructions and the box.

So I paid about 70$ for all of it and got the LEGO set basically for free. He wanted 10$ for it but due to me buying such a large quantity of stuff he put a rather hefthy discount on it.


Dude, that set is like from 1978! It’s over 40 years old! You were very lucky that you found it!

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That place were crawling with old video games and sets some even still sealed. I would have probably bought more if I had more money.

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You should definitely visit it again next time you have enough money!

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Yeah, I’ll try last year my parents found me these at that same place:

I don’t really wanna brag but that place is a gold mine. However I might not be able to go there to frequently since it’s a bit to drive.






I want to become a professional fashion designer one day.


How exactly do you plan on using those “pieces”? From what ai have seen, they have absolutely no connection point.

There are actually some really interesting connections you can make with these pieces. Some of them are illegal techniques but others are perfectly fine.


How exactly do you plan on using those “pieces”?

There is no such thing as a useless piece! Those plastic strips could easily be used as a belt at large scale, the tote bag could be a spaceship hangar or building at microscale or a keyboard base at large scale, the element separator could be a windscreen at minifig scale, etc. You’re not limited to rectilinear shapes anymore so the real question is what can’t you do.


Forget what I said earlier. I now wanna try out those parts myself!

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I found a pack of transformers cybertron dirt boss and downshift on eBay so why not. I miss the days of clear windshields and unnecessarily details like having useless seats and controls.


It seems like ages since I preordered this, but one of my purchases from the AFOL Designer Program over at Bricklink has finally arrived! The packaging is of outstanding quality, as is the instruction booklet. The model itself is so far a great build and I love the varied exterior detail. The allusions to famous experiments and scientific equipment found on the interior are very clever as well. It’s very unique and I am glad Bricklink gave fans the opportunity to purchase such excellent models!


After thousands of years of waiting, it finally arrived…

Oh yeah… “Dino Attack” was a thing!


I never had Dino attack but I had a little bit of dino

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I highly recommend you get those sets if you can.

I had the little buggy with a raptor from the European counter part line Dino 2010.

This set:

Aka this sets European counter part:

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I just got SS Lockdown.
He’s awesome.

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Bought a lot on ebay containing these five figures for only $10! Lots of useful and unique parts included in the lot, especially in the K-2SO, which includes black recolors of the lightsaber hilt and the Toa Masters armor piece.