The Loop: Reawakening —File:038

enter password
welcome User The time is currently 2000. system is awaiting input.
Run system diagnostics.
All systems nominal; damage sustained from impact at 2300 last night is not essential to the greater functionality of Sanctuary 368.

"It looks like everything’s good over here, ma’am, with minimal long-term effects on the damaged sections.” I say as I observe her nod and turn to exit, but that’s not right; I still have a few questions left. "Uh, ma’am, can you answer something for me?”

She turns back to me and raises an eyebrow before pulling something out of her pocket and sliding it over to me. It’s an envelope; upon further inspection, I find it’s full of photos, moments in time from last night’s incident forever frozen on pieces of paper. I look closely at the photos. Something colossal had lodged itself in the lower level of the docks; it had wings and looked vaguely similar to the technology that kept Sikkerhed afloat.

“This is what you wanted to know, right?” Alas, she had got me there. I looked back at the photos, contemplating what the colossal object was and where it had come from. Wait, there we had our second question.

“You think it came from another sanctuary?” I asked tentatively; no one had been in contact with any sanctuaries in eons, and even then, many were beginning to doubt they existed—merely a myth to most people.

“That’s my working theory; some witnesses even said there was a pilot, although Mark told me that it’s a secret project the government is working on, but that could easily be a cover-up.”

"True.” I paused to collect my thoughts when a sudden idea popped into my head. “Are you and Mark like an item?”

She laughed. I liked her laugh; it made me feel as if there wasn’t a threat to the sanctuary falling out of the sky yesterday.
“Mark’s a military man; he’s got no time to be ‘fooling around with such trivial things as relationships.’ Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering if you might want to get dinner out tomorrow.” I stuttered nervously; it was a habit I could never find myself shaking.

“You serious?” I felt my face flush and burn in embarrassment. Oh Jean, why did you have to be so stupid? Why did you have to decide now was the perfect time to ask Maria out?

“Y-yes.” I stutter out again; perhaps this was a medical issue that I needed to get checked out. No person should be stuttering this much, right?

“Pick me up at my place at 5:00, okay?”

A smile began to break on my face, but I decided to play it cool. This was a futile effort, of course. "U-uh, y-yeah, that sounds great!” I beamed, “I’ll see you then.”

With that, she waved goodbye and left me all alone again. My heart sank as I heard the door close behind her as all the life and the room trickled out before my very eyes.

I turned back towards the computer, ignoring the loud bang that was often accompanied by workers refining the area’s corridors and walkways, when I noticed that Maria had left her coat. Not long after I noticed the coat, I heard the door open back up behind me.

“Maria!” My voice beamed with excitement as I turned away from the terminal to face her. The room was dark, so I couldn’t really make out her face through the dim light of the terminal, but sure enough, it was her.

“You left your coat here.” I said as I held it out to her. Strangely, she didn’t reach out to grab it; instead, she fell face forward onto the ground in front of me, her body rolling over just enough so I could bear witness to the newly formed hole in her head.

I began to shake. I risked a glance back up to the entrance of the room. There was a man, young-looking; he had a mess of wires hanging from his cheek and unkempt hair. What caught my attention the most, though, was the barrel of a revolver pointed straight at my head.


There was no maintenance happening in the area that day; in fact, the government had allocated all resources to repairing the damage done to the docks on March 29, 2166 NA. After checking the post, friends of Jean Lamvano found him and Maria Erik dead in the terminal room with no evidence pointing towards their murderer. The military has since proclaimed the case of their homicide closed for the foreseeable future.


time to start tearing this apart for every hidden bit


Haha N01 didn’t just leak how my dates go ahaha :eyes::sweat_drops:


The giant metal thing we blew up at the docks?


why are you storing password entries in plain text


Something random I thought of: if the society in The Loop is supposed to be mostly steampunk, why is the government using advanced computer systems here?

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You see that is a good question, surely the government would never attempt to hold this technology from the public in order to keep a firm grasp on their absolute power.

Idk man but it keeps me up at night

It’s funni


Maybe that’s why the technology is secret… if you just use the terminal to enter the password and it remains visible to anyone, you won’t want the public seeing it.


Banger post here is your fave