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sounds good


edgelord trenchcoat coming right up

How many different Sanctuaries are there?


Unknown. The Sanctuaries don’t really interact with each other much

I should clarify that this particular sanctuary is a little over the size of Manhattan but most of the space is taken up by the industrial district


comes back from the dead this looks interesting


Hhmmm I’m not confident in my rpg skills hence why I haven’t joined any rpgs but I’m really really intrigued by this…
Gotta think this over.


Definitely will join this, got’a make a character now

before sign-ups end

Edit: due to it being in a steampunk era what kind of weapons would they have? EG would they have guns?


I’m interested.

Steampunk is based on the victorian era, so, probably anything invented before 1800 is fine. This also includes gunswords invented in 1700 and maybe other types of crazy guns and stuff (take inspiration from other steampunk stuff)

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This looks cool. I’m most likely going to join soon.

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NAME: George Roberts

AGE: 24

GENDER: male

EQUIPMENT: gogles, some tools (a few wrenches, a hammer, a set of files, some screwdrivers, a few other things) carried in a bag he brings everywere, screws and rivets (in the bag), spare gears, some small pices of brass, some glue and a piece of cloth. He also has some ink, a pen and a small sketchbook.

PERSONALITY: he is very curious, he always wants to figure out how things work (he’s pretty good at it). When he has an idea he writes it on his little sketchbook as soon as possible to not forget it. His memory isn’t very good.

APPEARENCE: black short hair, brown eyes and a nice mustache. He’s short, really short.

OCCUPATION: He’s a repair man and inventor. He has a shop, but sometimes he goes around to put up flyers to advertise his business. His slogan is “something broken? Bring it to me and it will be better than when you got it!”

-he’s missing a few fingers due to an accident.He’s replaced them with mechanical prostheses

-he tried to study how the flying city works but other then a few mechanisms he didn’t get anything useful

-doesn’t particularly like animals. They always brake something

-he sucks with grammar and spelling

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That seems to be what every current entry has in common :stuck_out_tongue:



Anything more advanced than a revolver will have to be changed

It makes my job easier.


Just a few questions as I craft my perfect edgelord.

What are the rules on weapons?

And what are some ways I can tie in my backstory with the worldbuilding? Or am I an amnesiac? That wasn’t clarified super well for me.


No not an amnesiac, your memories of the last two resets are just fuzzy.

Pm what you have in mind.

Nothing more advanced than the early 1800s.


also purely to make it easy to read what is the name of this Sanctuary, and is it understood that it is the one we were born/have grown up in?


Sikkerhed Or sanctuary 89.
(Danish for safety)



Name: Adele Finlay Darwin

Theme: Shrike - Hozier

Age: 26

Gender: Female


  • Two revolvers, both of which she has modified to produce the maximum firepower and harmful capability (aesthetically think something like a flintlock, but more high tech and with more rounds)

edit: As far as I am concerned, these are what her two revolvers look like:

  • The Viscount’s saber
  • Brass pocket watch, which, judging by its appearance, should not work as well as it does. This particular item once also belonged to The Viscount, which he received from his father.
  • Basic survival equipment, including, but not limited to: small knife, short wire string, city-issue rations, and extra ammunition.
  • Gas mask


  • Mistrusting: Since the death of Rafe Valentino, The Viscount, Adele has become increasingly withdrawn. Her greatest weakness is her fear of ever feeling vulnerable or helpless, the way she was when her best friend died. The extent to which she avoids these instances is often manifested in both extremes, sometimes as aloofness, avoiding interaction entirely, or autocracy, trying to control every variable that could lead to vulnerability.
  • Guilt: In times of weakness or emotional compromise, Adele’s guilt over the death she has caused can become crippling. Strangely, it is at these times where she is most personable.
  • Motivated: Adele knows what she wants, and while she hates to connect with people on a personal level, she is not afraid to take charge to further her own goals.


  • Clothing: Over her jumpsuit, Adele wears the aviator jacket of The Viscount. On top of that is a somewhat atypically light trench coat.
  • Physical: Adele is of average height and build, if slightly on the lean side. She has dark hair, which she grows long but wears short, and dark eyes. Her complexion is tan.

Occupation: Insurrectionist


Adele avoids thinking about her life before The Streets.

The Streets - her own term for the time in her life where she was living off of scraps and picked pockets. Sleeping amidst the smog alleys and rabid dogs. It was on one of the many nights alone on the streets that she first met Rafe Valentino - pickpocket artiste, swordsman, and vigilante freedom fighter extraordinaire - The Viscount. Or at least, that’s what he would become. But at first, he was just another teenager on the run from the law to avoid being placed in another orphanage in the slums.

Bonded by their mutual hate for the city’s government, the two befriended one another, traveling together first from orphanage to orphanage, and then when they were marginally older, criminal militia to smuggling company. They eventually ended up a part of a major resistance cell, working to overthrow the government and uncover the secrets behind the Sanctuary technology.

While Adele worked jobs suited to her experience, Rafe dedicated himself to helping the impoverished people in Sikkerhed. This charity began to build many things for him: namely, fame and infamy. Fame among the slum-dwellers, fame as a vigilante, a Robin Hood of the modern age - The Viscount. And infamy among the law enforcement - no one likes a vigilante, especially when it’s your supplies they’re handing out.

Adele had also begun amassing infamy, but of a different sort. A more disturbing sort. And it was this infamy that eventually led to the death of The Viscount - of the only person she had every truly cared about, or who had every really been her friend.

Now, she fights to uphold the reputation and legacy of her dead friend - wearing the clothes that made him iconic, doing the deeds that made him the people’s hero.

Definitely not my best work but to be fair I came up with it in roughly 30 minutes.

Boy has it been a hot minute since I’ve done anything like this. Reminds you of the good old days, eh @TheCobaltCorsair?


There so much edge i gotta be careful to not get cut


Made a map of Sikkerhed.


I warned you man, steampunk is my genre


Sign ups end once we have enough players, but its first come, first served. So if you want to join you need to do so now since we only have one spot left.


Do you plan on starting as soon as you fill up all the slots?

not trying to sound impatient just curious