The Loop Sign-up/OOC discussion

The Loop RPG Signup/OOC discussion

The date is February 16, 2978, and it has been the 16th of February for 3 days


You awake in your bed The clock on your left says it’s 9:32 am. you can vaguely remember what happened last night, or did that happen? You risk a glance at your wrist on it are three lines, the Roman numeral for 3. Suddenly memories come flowing back to you. “I died.” You manage to stutter out you aching body seems to confirm this. There’s a letter stuck in the mail flap. You decide to open it, the letter reads “Meet me in the town square at 10:00 am if you want answers.”

You decide to heed the letter’s advice. You go to throw on your jumpsuit and affix a Mask to your face and prepare to leave. Upon opening your door you breathe in your mask filtering the polluted air of this floating city. Furthermore, you hear the sound of machinery whirring away and your fellow humans at work. You can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of Déjà vu as if you’re trapped in a time loop that only you seem to be aware of.

Character creation formula

This is what you will need for each character

Equipment/Tools/weapons: all characters must have a watch

Max number of players is seven

Max number of characters you can have is one.

Description:it has been many years since humanity left the surface of the earth to live in domed floating cities known as Sanctuary’s. Unfortunately The knowledge to operate the advanced tech we used to keep the cities afloat has been lost to the past. Perpetually stuck in the steam age as they call it.

Something has been triggering Time to reset precisely on the 16th of February at 10:35 pm for who knows how long.

A mystery is brewing in Sikkerhed will you join?


Chapter 1: 9:32 am

Chapter 2: 10:35 pm

Chapter 3: Stopwatch

Chapter 4: Down the drain

chapter 5: Revelations


All the standard RPG rules apply here.


Players post Chapter II


Hmmm… This sounds interesting. I might consider joining, though I can’t promise that I’d be very active if I do join.

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I think I’ll join, lemme just develop a character real quick





Name: Ryan Ura/The Jade Falcon
Age: 32
Gender: male/female (born male, I’ll explain in a moment)
Equipment /tools/weapons: wrist mounted grappling hook launchers (The Jade Falcon), electronic tools (think soldering iron, possibly welding torch, that kind of stuff), hand gun for self defense, one of those super fancy watches that has multiple different meters and stuff
Personality: (Ryan Ura) shy, quiet and focused. He is often vary engulfed in his work and it can sometimes be hard to get his attention. He’s obsessed with everything science and is constantly trying to figure out how the mechanisms in the city work. He is also tired very often.
(The Jade Falcon) boisterous and outgoing, she is incredibly energetic and hard to tamp down. She loves fighting crime and is very confident in her abilities (some might say too confident). She is also mysterious and loved by the people for her services against the crime of her city.
Appearance: Ryan Ura is about 5 and a half feet tall with neck-length curly brown hair and blue eyes. He always wears white lab coats and black jeans. He often has bruises scrapes and cuts that he has no idea how he got. The Jade Falcon has the same features as Ryan, but she wears black clothes with a Jade-colored Falcon symbol on the chest. She also wears tinted goggles and uses grappling hooks to travel around the city.
Occupation/Job: Ryan is an engineer who is attempting to reverse engineer the technology used in the floating city. He is also a biologist who does experiments on some animals as a hobby. The Jade Falcon is his other personality, and she is a vigilante crime fighter who uses non-lethal force to apprehend criminals.
Trivia: Ryan Ura has undiagnosed split personality disorder (hence the two genders) neither Ryan nor The Jade Falcon are aware of this. The Jade Falcon knows basic martial arts.
Backstory: when Ryan was a child, he had to deal with parents that were constantly arguing and fighting, sometimes getting into physical altercations. Ryan’s dad was also abusive towards him and his sister, Jaden (which was often the reason for their parents fights). Jaden often protected Ryan from their father, usually taking the punishment in place of him. Ryan’s father is a traditionalist, and so has traditional beliefs, like the Father is the head of the family and the wife is to sit quietly and do the chores (you know the type). Because of this, having his daughter stand up to him was maddening, and it caused him to punish her with whippings. Jaden was older than Ryan by 7 years. When Jaden was 14, her incredibly feminist views came to light and it sent their father into a wild rage that ended in Jaden’s death and their father’s arrest. When Jaden and Ryan were younger, They would play super hero games together to distract from their horrible life. Jaden would always play her character “The Jade Falcon” and Ryan would play as her side kick. When Jaden died, Ryan continued to play the game alone, only he would play as The Jade Falcon. After the death of Her daughter and the imprisonment of her husband, Ryan’s mother sank into a deep depression and began to neglect Ryan, which ended with her in the hospital from lack of food and water and him being taken away by his uncle. Ryan’s uncle blamed him for all that had happened, because he believed if Ryan had “just been stronger” then none of it would have happened, and so was very harsh on Ryan. Ryan developed his split personality during this time with his uncle as an escape mechanism to cope with his uncle’s harsh nature. No one ever discovered he had a split personality because the Jade Falcon only came out at night.

@N01InParticular, I modified my character again, but only by giving Jade skills in martial arts and changing the sunglasses to tinted goggles, just let me know if it’s not okay!


While I do think the character is very interesting I will need to set up a few ground rules for them before they can be approved.

  1. for this character to work in the story The jade falcon will have to swap in? Only in specific situations i.e. stressful situations, fights etc. as to prevent clutter.

  2. I have several problems with Jade’s attire as it does not fit the steampunk Esc aesthetic I’m going to have to ask you to change it.


All right, after giving it a little thought, I’ve decided to make an entry

Name: James Trevor Edwards
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Equipment/Tools/weapons: Wristwatch, Geiger counter, pocketknife
Personality: Intelligent, methodical, sometimes arrogant, irritable when interrupted
Appearance: Tall and thin; green eyes; short, well-kept dark brown hair; pale complexion; usually wears a brown trench coat and protective goggles
Occupation/Job: Scientist/researcher
Trivia: James Edwards has devoted his time to researching the technology that was used to design the Sanctuaries, in an attempt to rediscover the knowledge of how they were designed to operate. He has yet to finish this research, due to the time-loop.




What exactly is the problem with the attire? I’m just asking so that I know how to change it

Also @TheCobaltCorsair, I imagine our characters probably know each other because they have the same goal (if they are in the same city, which I assume they are)

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The jumpsuit I’m fine with the cape needs to go though.
You can change the jumpsuit to green if you want to.also changing the sunglasses to tinted goggles would make a bit more sense

I’m not apposed to that. In fact You just gave me an idea.


Capes aren’t steam punk? Huh, interesting.


Perhaps they know of each other, but they probably would only be acquaintances at best (not friends), since my plan for James is that he prefers to direct his entire focus on his research, which can cause him to tune-out anything, or anyone, around him.




That’s exactly how I imagined Ryan as well. I’m pretty sure we had the same basic idea for a character

@N01InParticular, I changed it, does it work now?

Edit: never mind


Apparently so :stuck_out_tongue:


At first I thought you meant a kanohi mask and I was confused.

I’m already in two other RPGs atm, but what the he*k, I’ll probably join. I’ll put in my character description later today or tomorrow morning


I look forward to it.


I’m down if there are spots still open.


We still have four spots open.


Alright, sign me up. It’s late right now, but I’ll have my character out some time tomorrow.