The Lord of Dermis Turtles

WEAPON MODE! Triple changer confirmed!

In this mode the he is a double blaster with a flip out bayonet. His rocket boosters are now flamethrowers and he can use his turtle stare to hypnotise people. He can still be used to control the turtles. Only a being a great strength and power can wield this mighty weapon!

I discovered he could do this after I created the topic so here it is now.


This post has officially made the dermis turtle into the best Rahi.


Mission accomplished!

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I’m not sure if I should love this or be salt that I spent five months making Entropy and this is almost as popular as he is, despite being a modified version of CLoF’s Dermis Turtle :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need instructions


I apologize in advance about saying something silly about such a serious MOC, but…
Awwwwwww!!! Its adorable!

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It’s probably possible to build it from the pictures I’ve already posted, but if that’s something people want then I’ll make some legit instructions.

I said that to him once too, now every Dermis turtle i see bites me. :grin: