The Lord of Time, my first MOC post.


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I feel that the arms are a little too thin, but otherwise this isn’t bad.

Could we get a clear picture of the whole thing, from what I can see it looks pretty good (apart from the already mentioned issue with the thin lower arm)

Now, this is cool!

New images uploaded above!


Arms could be better though. But cool!

I think you need to make the chest bigger, the mask smaller, and the arms thicker. OVerall pretty cool, but definitely could be better.

needs more cogs make it look more clockwork


Lower legs look a bit cluttered, but the torso looks good. I think it will be great to see you develop as you post more mocs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Its pretty gappy qnd thin in places. It could use a little work.

love how you did the legs

Arms could be a little better and the ball joints in the legs are noticeable, overall I like it.

The arms look a little odd. Can you take a picture that’s not so close to it?