The Lords of the Matoran Universe

Tren Krom, the Banished Lord

Mata Nui, the Virtuous Lord

Makuta, the Jealous Lord

Here I wanted to revamp my mocs of Mata Nui and Makuta that I made back during my Metru March project along with making a Tren Krom moc to fit in with the group of beings that controlled the Matoran Universe at one point.

Credit to the hands goes to Bruh_ on discord and Megawillbot, the chest armor of Tren Krom to Galva, and the infected colors to Swamp Kryakwa


I like how they all wear the same mask.

I want those hands.

Where do I download these hands?

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Here’s the link

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looking great

Thank you for this blessing.

Hold up, how did you get that infected pattern? The only one in the colorpacks is the red/green version for the hau nuva.

Wow! This is a cool idea!